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  • Arjun Patiala

    No matter how low your bar is, Arjun Patiala won’t meet it. Making movies is hard work and I always try and look for something to recommend in each film. The only plus here is that it’s short. You’ve been warned.


    Jul 2019
  • Action Jackson

    The first half of the film is disconnected sequences of action, comedy and romance randomly strung together. And when the plot finally kicks in, it is so fantastically ridiculous that you have to ask — what have we — enthusiastic, loyal, passionate lovers of Hindi cinema — done to deserve this?


    Dec 2014
  • Rajjo

    ...a delirium of bewildering narrative, inane dialogue, bad acting and general all-around absurdity that becomes, unintentionally, pure comedy.


    Nov 2013
  • Click

    How hard can it be to make a reasonably diverting horror film if all you’re doing is copying? Well, if you’re Sangeeth Sivan, the answer is: very hard.


    Feb 2010
  • Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun...

    The script, performances, dialogue and direction are so staggeringly inept that Dunno Y is an instant classic and the latest entrant to my list of so-bad-they-are-good films.


    Nov 2010
  • Bypass Road

    My takeaway from Bypass Road is that perhaps it isn’t such a good idea to let an actor write a script, play the lead role, co-produce the film and have his brother direct it. Because then what you get isn’t a film, it’s a showreel.


    Nov 2019