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  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Director Kabir Khan ensures he exploits Salman’s screen presence, while also adding substance to all that jazz around. The twists in the tale are enough to keep you from snoozing due to an overdose of action.

    Aug 2012
  • Jism - 2

    The uneven story and script notwithstanding, you could still catch Jism 2 since there’s no guarantee it’ll ever find its way to your television screen.

    Aug 2012
  • Teri Meri Kahaani

    The pace of the film becomes its biggest peeve: it is slow, there’s absolutely no character development and gets boring after a point.

    Jun 2012
  • Gangs Of Wasseypur

    Here’s a film that demands 100% attention and it won’t stop till it has it.Even though there’s so much going for GOW I, there’s something always amiss, something that leaves you underwhelmed after all those expectations.

    Jun 2012
  • Rowdy Rathore

    Akshay’s me-too is fun while it lasts. Watch it for him, lest he feels bad for jumping on the South remake bandwagon too late to get any attention.

    Jun 2012
  • Arjun

    Arnab Chaudhuri’s direction is superior, so is the detailing in the quality animation.

    May 2012
  • Ishaqzaade

    The second half is repulsive, length wise. The dialogue isn’t memorable either, though Parineeti’s timing is impeccable.

    May 2012
  • Tezz

    May be Priyadarshan should stick to mindless comedies, so we can be sure we’re in safe territory. You won’t be missing much if you skipped Tezz.

    Apr 2012
  • Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

    The director, screenplay and dialogue writer Mehta chooses to place the stories in Mumbai, but except for paying lip service to its ghost, does nothing to involve the viewer.

    Apr 2012
  • Vicky Donor

    ...takes the closet issue, turns it on its head and spins a light-hearted tale around it, one that fertilises genuine fun at the movies.

    Apr 2012
  • Bittoo Boss

    You can see it’s made with love. The intention is honest and debutant director Supavitra Babul’s vision of an entertainer (under parental guidance) comes through.

    Apr 2012
  • Blood Money

    The lead pair salvages the film to an extent, but a limited scope of the script binds them both from making it an entertaining trip.

    Mar 2012
  • Chaurahen

    For a 90-minute feature, the pace of Chaurahen is slow enough to induce sleep. Too many unexplained angles and cheesy lines easily throws it into the one-time watch basket.

    Mar 2012