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  • Fanney Khan laced with illogical plot and a lot of loose ends. But the emotional and funny moments coupled with some fine performances ensure that the film turns out to be a decent, entertaining fare.

    Aug 2018
  • Dhadak a simple tale told in a beautiful way. Despite being a remake of an iconic film, it manages to stand up on its feet and entertain the audiences thoroughly.

    Jul 2018
  • Sanju an entertaining saga that blends emotions, humour and drama in adequate doses. It is powerful, engaging, emotional as well as compelling.

    Jun 2018
  • Baaghi 2

    ...boasts of an extraordinary action and spectacular performance from Tiger Shroff with an absence of a convincing and engaging screenplay as a minus point.

    Mar 2018
  • Pari

    ...has an interesting premise with a fair amount of chills and thrills. However, the weak screenplay and unnecessary blood and gore is off putting.

    Mar 2018
  • Pad Man a brave and an inspirational attempt at creating a commercial cinema out of a taboo topic. The movie scores high on content as well as emotions.

    Feb 2018
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