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  • Veer

    One expects to see lavish war scenes with a scintillating fight to the finish. The screenplay builds up to it but fails to deliver the coup de grace.

    Jan 2010
  • Aakrosh

    All those boys and girls who have seen Mississippi Burning raise their hands. Because Aakrosh's best scenes are copied from the Gene Hackman, William Dafoe thriller.

    Oct 2010
  • Jism - 2

    Going by the promos, we were hoping for India’s answer to Basic Instinct. What we got is something that provides lots of unintentional laughter and nothing more -- not even cheap thrills...

    Aug 2012
  • 1920 - Evil Returns

    We would have forgotten and forgiven the lax pace, the hotchpotch screenplay and shoddy editing if Tia Bajpai was scary and/or sexy. That she is neither is the main flaw of the film.

    Nov 2012
  • Talaash

    It’s rare to see a layered film. It’s rare to see a film where everything falls into place. It’s rarer still where actors leave their stardom behind and behave like normal people, have normal conversations, have normal reactions, normal emotions.

    Nov 2012
  • Dabangg 2

    All said and done, the cliches work because of the phenomenon called Salman Khan. Take him away and the film will look as flat as a bottle of soda left too long in the sun.

    Dec 2012
  • Kai Po Che!

    ...heart-warming tale about passion, friendship and forgiveness. It not only will entertain you, it might also strengthen your faith that good Hindi cinema isn’t dead yet.

    Feb 2013
  • Ghanchakkar

    ...all this would have made for a memorable comedy of misadventure but Rajkumar Gupta chooses the tread the thriller road. Sadly, he chooses to do so at a lethargic pace and hence, the punch when it does come loses impact because by then you’ve given up on the film.

    Jun 2013
  • Bullett Raja

    Tigmanshu shouldn’t try to copy Prabhudeva but make straight-from-the-heart films that he’s famous for. We missed the comic punches and the black humour of his earlier efforts. He doesn’t deserve this and neither do we.

    Nov 2013
  • Queen definitely a step in right direction for Indian cinema. Let’s hope it paves the way for more story-centric films in future.

    Mar 2014
  • Gulaab Gang

    What could have been a deeply sensitive film about the fight of rural women for a better life is reduced to a superficial product.

    Mar 2014
  • Bewakoofiyaan

    The film doesn’t offer us an escape from reality nor does it warn us against the evils of consumerism. It isn’t even an out-and-out comedy.

    Mar 2014