Jahan Bakshi

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  • The Japanese Wife

    It is not often that you see films that you can truly call a labour of love, and even if that is its undoing- there is no question about the fact that this one is straight from the heart.

    Apr 2010
  • Right Yaaa Wrong

    Even with its dowdiness and disturbingly half-baked logic that finally resolves its central moral conflict, Right Yaa Wrong is still surprisingly watchable, because the film mercifully sticks to its real point without digressing much.

    Mar 2010
  • Veer

    This clearly is Wanted in a period setting, and if you are a Salman Khan fan, I guess you would want to catch it. On second thought, if you really are a Salman Khan fan, you wouldn't care for my opinion, would you?

    Jan 2010