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  • Mahayoddha Rama’s the overall chunky, ungainly , antiquated quality of the 3D animation that fritters away all these advantageous and makes the filmed experience less than what it could have been!

    Nov 2016
  • 31st October why fledgling inept filmmakers should stay away from history-invoking true stories, else such heinous acts might well be wiped out from the collective conscience for want of a skilled and able raconteur!

    Oct 2016
  • With Love Delhi

    The narrative style invariably invokes forgettable childhood memories of  the UGC designed classroom sessions telecast on TV for years together. This misadventure into a field that requires more than just staid intelligence is clearly something the filmmakers will have to study and analyse at length.

    Dec 2011
  • I Hate Luv Storys

    Inspite of the lack of a credible story and the predictable ending, this film is worth a watch mainly because of the appropriate candy coloured cinematography, reams of sparkling wit, great comedic timing and humorously edged performances provide for some consistent pop-corn styled entertainment!

    Jul 2010