Letty Mariam Abraham

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  • Daddy

    It can't exactly be termed as Gawli's biopic, because so much of his life is missing from the film. Nor can one say that it is entertaining as it offers nothing new.

    Sep 2017
  • Qaidi Band

    The scenes lack conviction and powerful storytelling. Plenty of loopholes that cannot be ignored and half baked characters ruin the rest of the film.

    Aug 2017
  • Apartment

    Had the film explored a little more in terms of research work rather than skimming it from the top, it would have been more effective and made an interesting watch.

    Apr 2010
  • Shaapit

    ...manages to surpass and create a new level in the horror genre. Minus the clich├ęd dialogues and some over exaggerated scenes, the film is good enough.

    Mar 2010
  • Rokkk

    The film has its spooky moments; sure half of them were over done with the unnecessary sound effects, which has now become a trait of every horror flick.

    Mar 2010