Madhureeta Mukherjee

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  • Rajjo

    Vishwas Patil probably had a heart-wrenching story, but he's unable he exploit his cast well, or narrate a tale that's coherent, consistent or engaging.

    Nov 2013
  • Mickey Virus

    The plot is intelligent; there are laughs, some suspense and surprises too. Though direction is not error-free, it could've been more innovative and he often tips the balance between comedy and thriller.

    Oct 2013
  • Super Model

    The film reminds you of a popular voyeuristic television show, albeit a downgraded version. With trashy production values, a futile story, cheesy dialogues and catastrophic performances this one trips off the ramp long before the show starts.

    Sep 2013
  • Gippi

    Sonam Nair's 'coming of puberty' film handles simple issues sensitively, though it doesn't delve too deep. The subtlety appeals, but lacks drama in the second half, with a mediocre climax.

    May 2013
  • The Attacks Of 26/11

    What RGV's re-appraisal of that injury does, is remind us that the spirit of the city is indefatigable; inspite of still bleeding hearts.

    Feb 2013