Madhureeta Mukherjee

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  • Special 26

    Interestingly, this con-job story is not superbly-stylish or stealthily serious. It doesn't stun you with a social message like Pandey's 'A Wednesday', but it grips, excites and ahh...climaxes too!

    Feb 2013
  • Listen... Amaya

    Avinash Kumar Singh has sensitively handled a strong subject textured with social and psychological complexities. His characters peel layers of emotions, without over-dramatizing scenes, or amplifying the issue. It is subtle and sincere.

    Jan 2013
  • Race 2

    Heists, hot-babes, roulette, raging cars, gizmos and gags - Director duo, Abbas-Mustan have thrown in everything with pompous grandeur, save for a riveting plot that shocks or stuns.

    Jan 2013
  • Mumbai Mirror

    The film has a lot of Dabangg-isms, with too many brutal killings - random and ruthless and glaring flaws in the first half. Though the second half sums up the suspense - blood soaked in tragic truths and raw realities.

    Jan 2013
  • Sons of Ram

    ...grips you mainly because of the detailed narration and unraveling of various lesser-known facts and figurines from Ramayana. The animation is good, but we've seen better strokes and more stunning visuals in recently released films.

    Nov 2012
  • Delhi Safari

    With satire, spoof, humour and wit, director, Nikhil Advani has highlighted the ongoing aadmi v/s animal battle, the desperate need for preservation of wildlife and the downside of deforestation.

    Oct 2012