Mansha Rastogi

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  • Hawaizaada

    Lost in Translation is what best describes Hawaizaada best. What started of as a biopic turns into a sobbing love tale that you wouldn't want to watch.

    Jan 2015
  • Dolly Ki Doli

    The story works mostly for the social satire that it is on the national obssession - Marriage. Should you watch the film? Yes, for the idea and some entertaining performances.

    Jan 2015
  • Alone

    ...with a successful story at hand, Alone could've been a real scare-fest had the makers invested in the script and screenplay writers.

    Jan 2015
  • Jigariyaa

    ...has a freshness of romance, innocence in mush and infectious energy of actors which should be given a chance despite its many flaws.

    Oct 2014
  • Kaanchi

    ...the once upon a time Showman of the film industry Subhash Ghai falters completely in putting together a great show in Kaanchi.

    Apr 2014
  • 2 States

    Despite the cast, the budgets and brand in place, the film fails to make a mark purely due to faulty execution. Not a funny or entertaining rom-com this one.

    Apr 2014
  • Jal

    ...could've worked phenomenally well had the art of filmmaking merged well with the story of it. However, with ample stress on beautifying the film than weaving a good plot around it, Jal ends up being an ambitious experiment that goes wrong.

    Apr 2014
  • Total Siyapaa a lesson in knowing that merely seeking inspiration from international films isn't enough one still has to work on the script to make it palatable.

    Mar 2014