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Mansha Rastogi

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  • Yeh Dooriyan a concoction of trite script, bad screenplay, nasty dialogue and horrible acting. If you want to learn "what not to do while making a film" Yeh Dooriyan is surely for you.

    Aug 2011
  • Yaariyan

    With no plot, horrid screenplay and horrendous performances, Yaariyan, in short, is the example that movie-making is not everybody's business.

    Jan 2014
  • Vishwaroop

    Vishwaroop minus Kamal Haasan is nothing but a hackneyed plot shot with mighty grandeur. The film may work primarily for the south superstar's brilliance and star power!

    Feb 2013
  • Total Siyapaa a lesson in knowing that merely seeking inspiration from international films isn't enough one still has to work on the script to make it palatable.

    Mar 2014
  • That Girl in Yellow Boots

    If you haven't had enough of films showing the underbelly of Mumbai or are big fans of Kalki Koechlin this is the film for you. Else, all you may like in That Girl In Yellow Boots will be the Yellow Boots alone.

    Sep 2011
  • Tezz

    ...can be seen for Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgn and also for the Bollywoodishness of it. For the ones disinterested in these elements, Tezz isn't the film for you.

    Apr 2012