Mansha Rastogi

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  • Jolly L.L.B.

    ...could've been a riotous watch on a serious issue with ample scope for sardonic and witty takes; however, it ends up becoming melodramatic and cliched.

    Mar 2013
  • Kai Po Che!

    The minor negatives however, cannot take away from the fact that Kai Po Che never for once commercialises and stays true to its soul. Watch it to witness one of the most realistic coming of the age films in the recent times.

    Feb 2013
  • Vishwaroop

    Vishwaroop minus Kamal Haasan is nothing but a hackneyed plot shot with mighty grandeur. The film may work primarily for the south superstar's brilliance and star power!

    Feb 2013
  • David definitely makes for a one time watch. If not for the flawed story, go for it at least for its innovative execution, experimental narration and stunningly stylish cinematography.

    Feb 2013