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Mansha Rastogi

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  • OMG Oh My God! honest film with a strong message which should be encouraged and seen especially for the brilliance of its script and the delightful acting of Paresh Rawal!

    Sep 2012
  • Joker

    Shirish Kunder you definitely should redefine your notions of a comedy and as for your Joker, sadly this time around the Joke is on you!

    Aug 2012
  • Jism - 2

    ...despite a cliched storyline could've worked wonders had it been written intelligently and executed with finesse. In its present state it comes across as a disappointing fare.

    Aug 2012
  • Bol Bachchan yet another low IQ comedy from the Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn team. May work for the cinegoers who do prefer giving their brains mindless numbness and lead films like these to massive revenue collections.

    Jul 2012