Meeta Kabra

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  • Jail

    ...Madhur Bhandarkar has taken upon himself to sensitize his audience to the plight of the people who live in a world we know exists and choose to ignore. He does so in a matter-of-fact tone. He doesn't sermonize, he doesn't glamorize.

    Nov 2009
  • Kurbaan

    Predictable to the minutest detail and utterly-butterly s..l..o..w. You sure have better ways to induce yawns now, don't you?

    Nov 2009
  • Paa

    ...invokes thoughts on varying subjects from single parenthood, rare diseases to politics. And it does so successfully. As if that weren't enough it is all put together in a relatively unusual plot and has one superb performance...

    Dec 2009
  • 3 Idiots

    ...little more slapsticky than the Munnabhai series, the crass humor seems to be with a purpose. What remains fascinating is the blend of comedy with his social messages, as usual.

    Dec 2009
  • Pyaar Impossible

    Though they had enough maturity to touch upon some very valid issues revolving around love, it's a shame that it translates into a highly typical screenplay with the lousiest dialogues there could be!

    Jan 2010
  • Chance Pe Dance

    ...if the characters are going to behave like you'd expect them to, and if they are going to spout lines, ad verbatim what's playing in your mind, the story is bound to be predictable. There's no attempt to deviate from the norm.

    Jan 2010
  • Veer

    I don't know about bravery and courage, but I recognize the attempt in making an epic entertainer and I see partial success. Unfortunately, only partial. And yet, Salmaniacs can rejoice!

    Jan 2010
  • Rann

    In an arena where character's dilemma should have battled within, the camera and sound fight for attention. Ace, touching performance by Big B tries its best to win the war against an interesting yet predictable plot.

    Jan 2010
  • Ishqiya

    Once you believe in the story, its well told. But even after the plot has unfolded there's a huge gap in understanding the characters.

    Jan 2010
  • Striker

    The sharp dialogues support a fragmented plot. The smart visuals are accompanied by jarring background music. The story is neither about carrom nor about the communal riots. The movie is neither here nor there.

    Feb 2010
  • My Name is Khan

    The constraint is really appreciated both in terms of Karan Johar's direction and Shah Rukh Khan's performance. But unfortunately, in the last hour the movie leaves the US and enters K-Jo-land. And in both worlds Kajol intolerably shrieks her way through.

    Feb 2010
  • Toh Baat Pakki

    A wannabe-Hrishikesh Mukherjee film. It’s one of those simple one-line plots that if told well could be both entertaining and insightful. But, this is neither, mainly because its loud and tries too hard to keep it light.

    Feb 2010
  • Karthik Calling Karthik

    ...the twist is indeed worth the time because it's not 100% predictable. If nothing else Farhan Akhtar's ace performance is something you will relish for quite a while.

    Feb 2010
  • Teen Patti no mind game. It could have been. Had it not folded the game's nuances out of sight or been blind the psyche of the players.

    Feb 2010
  • Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

    The light tone keeps you engaged for most of the film, especially the parodied songs. There are a few "aawwww" moments too. But, it is a tiny lecture on the changing value system and gets a little sarcastic.

    Mar 2010
  • Right Yaaa Wrong

    An engaging story is told using a number of clever twists. The intelligent outwitting however is let down by some awful performances and a rather slowed-down pace.

    Mar 2010
  • Love Sex Aur Dhokha

    Each of the three stories has a newspaper story item quality about it and thus is as enchanting as that can get. But the novel way in which it is recorded and narrated is engrossing. But, be warned it is not your movie if you are the kind who takes offense easily or can't handle non-escapist cinema.

    Mar 2010
  • Lahore

    Same old need for sisterhood between two countries which have been at war for what, 6 decades now? Of course, we need truce but not sure if we need a movie on the issue with the backdrop of a sport that seems to mean more war than anything else.

    Mar 2010
  • Hum Tum Aur Ghost

    Medical science and the super-natural power of seeing dead people are mixed. This would have been fine if the light vein didn’t mix so abruptly but with the overflow of sentiments. Ultimately we are left with a dissatisfactory resolution which seems unintentional.

    Mar 2010
  • Well Done Abba

    We live in corrupt times and how?! Well done Abba reminds us of that and more. It reminds us of the gravity, the irony and our own submissiveness to the whole do. Would have worked much better if it were about an hour shorter.

    Mar 2010
  • Pankh

    Disturbing abstract stuff. The entire film feels like one huge hallucination. Even if you are ready to take the flight of fancy with a boy who's seriously troubled because his mom made him play girl-roles in films when he was young, it won't be a fun ride at all.

    Apr 2010