Mohar Basu

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  • Tu Hai Mera Sunday

    You wish everything in the film worked as effortlessly as them but clearly director Milind Dhaimade doesn't spread out his material between the characters.

    Oct 2017
  • Simran

    ...there's more reason to celebrate Simran than diss it. The quirky perspective at finding laughs in troubled times is a refreshing way of viewing problems. And then there's Kangana, making badass look simple, human and so full of heart.

    Sep 2017
  • A Gentleman

    I miss the Raj & DK of Go, Goa, Gone, and their films where gags come flying your way fast and quick. There was a threadbare plot in that one too, but at least it was clever. This is just a snoozefest, all the way.

    Aug 2017
  • Bank Chor

    Calling this convoluted mess a film is demeaning to the word, because I have seen 14-year-olds put together better work than this at school plays.

    Jun 2017
  • Phillauri

    The narrative is refreshingly written, brimming with breezy humour. But it is ironic that the haunting spirit is lacking, both metaphorically and literally speaking.

    Mar 2017
  • Irada

    Full marks to the ambition, but this hotch-potch of a movie is good reminder that compelling movies are made of much more than a hit pair and a good idea.

    Feb 2017
  • Wajah Tum Ho

    No Nirbhaya, India hasn't changed much. We still objectify women — zoom into their butts and breasts to sell tickets. Hope you are in a better place.

    Dec 2016
  • M Cream incomprehensible in parts, poignant in others but it is mostly a pointless movie. Though brimming with raw energy, the narrative lacks vision to use it right.

    Jul 2016
  • Rough Book

    Even as you lose your heart to Rough Book's intention, you can't buy the amateurish story. The dialogues are dated, the story is predictable and the climax is sloppily done.

    Jun 2016
  • Dhanak

    ...stays mysterious till its last scene, it gets too repetitive to hold your interest. Its soulful music, heartfelt style of narration and of course, delightful kids can't make this half-baked story soar.

    Jun 2016
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