Nandini Ramnath

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  • 3 Idiots

    ...delivers several neatly written comic scenes and feel-good moments, but the movie isn’t as crisp and sure-footed as his Munnabhai films.

    Dec 2009
  • Rann

    On the minus side, Rann’s story is so simplistic that it boils down the entire television news sector into two rival channels. The movie is as low on authenticity as it is on histrionics

    Jan 2010
  • Ishqiya

    ...the best thing about Ishqiya is how grown-up it is...Ishqiya’s humour and sensuality is for adults who are not afraid to confront the depths of their emotions.

    Jan 2010
  • Kites

    Character development is sacrificed for Hallmark moments between the leads, which are just about the only entertaining bits in the film.

    May 2010
  • Lamhaa

    In attempting to explore the issues facing the Kashmiri people through the prism of a thriller, Dholakia misses the wood for the chinars.

    Jul 2010
  • Anjaana Anjaani

    ...treats suicide and people who want to kill themselves as one big joke. The movie could have been a black comedy, but the writing simply isn’t sharp enough. There is no character development worth its name.

    Oct 2010
  • Guzaarish

    ...Guzaarish points to a limited imagination that is so much in thrall to European costume dramas it lacks a soul of its own.

    Dec 2010
  • Yeh Saali Zindagi

    Mishra wants to be cool and quirky, like Guy Ritchie, but to paraphrase New Yorker critic Anthony Lane, he forgets the first rule of cool: don’t try to be.

    Feb 2011
  • Game

    ...a movie has to be much more than the sum of liquor-ad lighting, sharp clothes and tourism brochure locations.

    Apr 2011