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  • Kahaani

    Sujoy Ghosh is capable of delivering a tight script. He shows us that you can make a Hindi movie without songs and nobody will miss them.

    Mar 2012
  • Ekk Deewana Tha

    Almost nothing works in the Hindi version. Prateik flubs his way through almost every scene; the editing is video-game frenetic, the cinematography tacky...

    Feb 2012
  • Agneepath

    ...richly detailed and grandly mounted sequences that just about manage to conceal the fact that this is a redundant remake.

    Feb 2012
  • Players never makes the mistake of taking itself too seriously and manages to successfully Bollywood-ise a Hollywood speciality - the big-budget heist movie.

    Jan 2012
  • Desi Boyz

    The movie is judgement-free, but it's also very pat. Buried underneath the piles of clothes discarded by Rocco and Hunter is a full-on sex comedy that's dying to come out.

    Nov 2011
  • Ra.One

    ...there's ultimately no escaping the poorly drawn characters, Khan's weird mannerisms and the surfeit of references to the male nether regions.

    Oct 2011
  • Force

    ...isn't quite as offensive as some other recent releases, but it neither captures the thrills of the original nor fixes the flaws.

    Oct 2011
  • Speedy Singhs

    ...evokes nearly every Hollywood sport-movie cliche there is in tracing the transformation of the Speedy Singhs team from underdog to top dog.

    Sep 2011
  • Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

    The story needed to have been far more farcical – and an hour shorter – for the premise to have worked. The story drags despite frenetic editing that seems to be aimed squarely at gamers.

    Sep 2011
  • Shabri

    There's the same catatonic acting, the staccato dialogue delivery, the bursts of violence, the over-loud background score, the strange camera angles, the crooked cops and larger-than-life thugs. Perhaps it's time to give the Mumbai gangster genre a rest.

    Sep 2011
  • Bodyguard

    Until somebody comes up with a smart way to channelise his brawny appeal and knack for self-deprecating humour – as Abhinav Singh Kashyap did in Dabanng – we are condemned to watch bad films repeat themselves.

    Sep 2011
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

    The suggestion that emotional tangles can be unravelled by putting on a diving suit is daffy, but Zoya Akhtar's talent lies in creating rich characters that you're likely to remember afterwards even if you don't recall what they actually ended up doing.

    Jul 2011
  • 404

    A tighter script and crisper running time could have vastly improved 404's chances, although the film manages to stay a few steps ahead of the usual over-long Bollywood product.

    May 2011
  • Luv Ka The End

    If the film hits its target audience – undiscerning teenagers – then the poorly written characters and the script contrivances shouldn't matter.

    May 2011
  • Game

    ...a movie has to be much more than the sum of liquor-ad lighting, sharp clothes and tourism brochure locations.

    Apr 2011
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