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  • Prague

    Shukla and screenplay writer Sumit Saxena lay on the twists and turns, tying themselves in knots they are unable to get out of.

    Sep 2013
  • Zanjeer

    ...assembles the usual dose of slow-motion fight sequences, songs and flat comic sequences between the first frame and the last.

    Sep 2013
  • Madras Cafe

    ...points to the consequences of unthinking military intervention. It’s too bad that the movie is unable to make this point with lucidity or conviction.

    Aug 2013
  • Chennai Express

    Shetty never lets it rip. He is content with doling out a festive season timepasser, which is the solo release for the Eid weekend and has been plastered across so many screens in the country and the world that its success is guaranteed.

    Aug 2013
  • D-Day

    It’s preposterous at the best of times but nevertheless very watchable despite a stretched denouement, song interludes and redundant scenes of intimacy and family bonding.

    Jul 2013
  • Shorts

    Despite the realism, grittiness and seriousness on display, four of the five stories aim for poignant and uplifting conclusions that undermine their impact.

    Jul 2013
  • Ishkq In Paris

    If the movie works at all, it is because Prem Raj restricts the lopsided affair to 96 minutes, and Zinta’s joy at being the cynosure of attention is undeniably contagious.

    May 2013
  • Aurangzeb

    This is a movie that aspires to be about the mini-empires that exist within-and often work against-the Indian republic, but it scuttles its own ambitions midway through.

    May 2013
  • Go Goa Gone

    The story moves determinedly in the direction of zombie movie predictability, but the hilarious repartee is never far behind.

    May 2013
  • Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

    ...far more densely plotted than the first movie and has many more characters, but there’s no change in the theme—the struggle of feudals possessed by an immense sense of entitlement to remain relevant in a democracy.

    Mar 2013
  • Khiladi 786

    The anything-goes movie is packed with so many random characters and even more random jokes that moments of inspired humour emerge out of the hodgepodge.

    Dec 2012
  • Gangs Of Wasseypur 2

    The movie is as much heartless fun as the first, but it will also hopefully be the last word in the romanticisation of mofussil chic that has come to characterise a section of Hindi cinema.

    Aug 2012
  • Ferrari Ki Sawaari

    Mapuskar directs his actors with confidence and boldly shoots the films in real locations, but the movie needed to have been crisper and quicker, more Ferrari than Ambassador.

    Jun 2012
  • Department

    ...the movie is a self-consciously parodic version of the cops-and-gangster genre that Varma has mined successfully in the past as a director and producer.

    May 2012
  • Kahaani

    Sujoy Ghosh is capable of delivering a tight script. He shows us that you can make a Hindi movie without songs and nobody will miss them.

    Mar 2012
  • Ekk Deewana Tha

    Almost nothing works in the Hindi version. Prateik flubs his way through almost every scene; the editing is video-game frenetic, the cinematography tacky...

    Feb 2012
  • Agneepath

    ...richly detailed and grandly mounted sequences that just about manage to conceal the fact that this is a redundant remake.

    Feb 2012
  • Players never makes the mistake of taking itself too seriously and manages to successfully Bollywood-ise a Hollywood speciality - the big-budget heist movie.

    Jan 2012