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  • Mantra

    ...Kharkongor’s script simply doesn’t have the layers of complexity to match its ambitions. The mostly English dialogue is stilted, the pacing is sluggish, and many of the scenes are disconnected from each other.

    Mar 2017
  • Badrinath Ki Dulhania

    ... it has an excellent lead pair whose mutual sparks can set water on fire, brilliantly written conversational humour, and an unmistakable feel for the throbs and tugs of young love.

    Mar 2017
  • Commando 2

    ...has a ludicrous plot, banal dialogue, action sequences derived from Hollywood and East Asian cinema, and mostly sub-par acting.

    Mar 2017
  • Wedding Anniversary a throwback to the worst of 1970s films, the ones in which characters delivered themselves of soliloquies and metaphysical treatises that were meant to impress audiences but ultimately bored them to tears.

    Feb 2017
  • Irada

    ...advocates solutions that ordinary viewers will be hard-pressed to replicate, but its concerns are timely, its character sketches memorable, and its empathy unmistakable.

    Feb 2017
  • Running Shaadi

    ...a comic critique of arranged marriage? Or is it a quirky but slowburn romance between an odd couple? Running Shaadi tries to be a bit of both, and becomes neither.

    Feb 2017
  • Jolly LLB 2

    Despite its liberal and humanist values and attempts to create a convincing portrait of the workings of the Indian legal system, Jolly LLB 2 is frequently guilty of dramatic overreach.

    Feb 2017
  • Alif

    The theatrical acting and inept handling of scenes stretches on for 120 minutes, and the larger issues that the movie tries to tackle fall by the wayside.

    Feb 2017
  • Raees overstretched and too much in thrall to the Indian gangster movie formula, but Dholakia does try to use the past to comment on the present.

    Jan 2017
  • Ok Jaanu

    Ali has all the elements in place for a breezy ode to young love, but his mechanical approach and miscasting ensure that OK Jaanu is not exactly an okay remake.

    Jan 2017
  • Haraamkhor

    Haraamkhor’s characters are supposed to have shades of grey, but their blandness can never be mistaken for maturity. About the most shocking thing about this major-minor affair is its sloppiness.

    Jan 2017
  • Befikre

    If a breezy, highly styled, armchair travel rom-com is your mood, then Befikre might be the ticket. But if you prefer insightful, warming and witty, skip this.

    Dec 2016
  • Force 2

    It’s not quite India’s answer to the Mission: Impossible films, but at least on the thrills front, it’s halfway there.

    Nov 2016
  • Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

    Johar’s latest movie is somewhere in between. He is trying to move away from the large-canvas romances on which he has built his career, but his foundation remains the popular Hindi film idiom, especially Yash Chopra’s cinema.

    Oct 2016
  • Shivaay

    There’s a decent Hollywood-style lone-wolf- on-the-prowl action thriller hidden inside this long feature, but it is sacrificed to Devgn’s indulgence.

    Oct 2016
  • Saat Uchhakkey

    ...has little going for it, but the movie might be worth its 139-minute running time for those who know only 19 ways to insult their mothers and sisters and have merely four phrases to describe the manner in which the human posterior can be punished.

    Oct 2016
  • Mirzya

    Despite the limp leads, the conceit might have passed muster with a linear story set entirely in the present. Mirzya is doomed by its inability to free itself from the weight of the original legend.

    Oct 2016
  • M.S. Dhoni

    There is a test-match quality to the efforts taken to highlight every bump and curve on the way of the journey of a quick scorer. Yet, Dhoni remains an enigma.

    Sep 2016