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  • Dear Dad

    The movie wants to say something poignant and profound about the need for sons to accept their father’s decisions, but it doesn’t have the material to do so.

    May 2016
  • Ki & Ka

    The main characters are too sketchy for the movie Balki hopes to have made, and they are not light enough for the movie he should have made.

    Apr 2016
  • Rocky Handsome

    ...proves that it is possible to pay good money for an official remake of a South Korean hit rather than pilfer the plot, as Bollywood has done in the past, and still botch it up.

    Mar 2016
  • Kapoor & Sons

    Shakun Batra’s beautifully performed drama, about a family lurching from one crisis to the next, is part of a recent development towards ‘Happy endings with reservations’ in popular Hindi cinema.

    Mar 2016
  • Global Baba

    The clarity with which director Manoj Tiwari approaches his subject isn’t always reflected in the overly busy plotting and the choppy narrative. Yet, the filmmaker makes his points adequately.

    Mar 2016
  • Teraa Surroor

    Whatever the view on Reshammiya and his unrelenting attempts to be regarded as an actor, there is no doubt that he is the biggest sport in Bollywood. Perhaps no other actor tries so hard to live up to the criticism, and succeeds every time.

    Mar 2016
  • Neerja

    Madhvani fulfils the brief of delivering a stirring and sensitive account of bravery at the risk of making the narrative predictable to a fault.

    Feb 2016
  • Sanam Re

    Despite numerous plot twists, the two-hour duration feels as stretched as Samrat’s movie star ambitions. Every now and then, a song that might be better viewed on YouTube shows up to relieve the tedium.

    Feb 2016
  • Saala Khadoos

    The movie is unnecessarily overblown but also curiously affecting due to the knockout performances of real-life fighter and debutant actor Ritika Singh and Mumtaz Sorcar as her elder sister.

    Jan 2016
  • Mastizaade

    From peeling a banana to opening a bank account, from light sockets to soda bottles, Mastizaade pulls out all the stops and lets the ribald humour gush for 108 minutes.

    Jan 2016
  • Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3

    The Indian sex comedy is usually about desperate characters whose minds are consumed by lust to the extent that they cannot set eyes on conical or spherical shapes without losing their sanity.

    Jan 2016
  • Airlift

    This amazing story needs a second movie, perhaps titled The Real Airlift, which is not in thrall to a single and singular man but acknowledges the hundreds who enabled lakhs of Indians to return home safe. Airlift soars on its own merits, but it is ultimately a flight of fantasy.

    Jan 2016
  • Wazir

    It’s only a few days into the new year, but a leading contender for the Most Ludicrous Screenplay of 2016 has already emerged.

    Jan 2016
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