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  • Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

    ...neither hitting the highs expected from such an expensive and high-profile project nor the lows that plague mid-career filmmakers. Like its intended audience, the movie sticks firmly in the middle.

    Nov 2015
  • Jazbaa

    The movie loses momentum after the interval and the contradictions pile up as in a train wreck, but there is always a scorchingly lit corner in a never before-seen shade of yellow or green to gaze upon.

    Oct 2015
  • Singh Is Bliing as overstretched as most Bollywood extravaganzas, but it coasts along on its often wacky humour, its minor characters (Lara Dutta is a hoot) and the chemistry between Jackon and Kumar.

    Oct 2015
  • Meeruthiya Gangsters

    Quadri’s writing isn’t half as sharply funny or piercingly deadpan as it thinks it is, but that’s par for the course in a movie that celebrates the virtues of taking the easy way out.

    Sep 2015
  • Hero

    An ineffective remake of a 1983 box office hit mislabelled as a classic, Hero is yet another instance of the resilience of the ancient Indian tradition of nepotism.

    Sep 2015
  • Phantom

    The plodding pace, choppy editing and amateurish exposition are relieved by slick action sequences, suitably dressed-up foreign locations and convincing production design.

    Aug 2015
  • Drishyam just fine so long as it reproduces its original twisty quality, but it nevertheless suffers from miscasting and unnecessary scripting tweaks.

    Jul 2015
  • Bahubali

    Every frame pulsates with the passion of a filmmaker openly staking his claim as the most adventurous soul travelling through mainstream cinema at the moment.

    Jul 2015
  • Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho

    The satire is seems confidently put across at first but then becomes illogical and unwieldy. Kapri is aiming for a tragicomedy about rural India, but some of his visuals are straight out of a horror movie.

    Jun 2015
  • ABCD - Any Body Can Dance - 2

    ...boasts of a couple of popular young stars, 3D and higher production values, but it is mostly a hollow spectacle. The characters are underdeveloped, the 146-minute narrative drags, and all the energy is reserved for the elaborately staged and eye-popping dance sequences...

    Jun 2015
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