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  • ABCD - Any Body Can Dance - 2

    ...boasts of a couple of popular young stars, 3D and higher production values, but it is mostly a hollow spectacle. The characters are underdeveloped, the 146-minute narrative drags, and all the energy is reserved for the elaborately staged and eye-popping dance sequences...

    Jun 2015
  • Hamari Adhuri Kahani

    Suri’s ability to pass off superficial observations on life and its attendant miseries has paid off in the past in Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain, but the emotional landscape of Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ completely defeats him.

    Jun 2015
  • Welcome 2 Karachi

    There is a clear sense of a welcome being outstayed, and yet another instance of comedy creators having so much fun amongst themselves that they forget that they’re at the movies, rather than a jam session.

    May 2015
  • Tanu Weds Manu Returns

    Rai, who also made Raanjhanaa in 2013, confirms his ability to conjure up a convincing small-town milieu characterised by clamour and kitsch, but his tendency to cram his frames with lots of people crisscrossing the screen, overlapping dialogue and insistent background music results in a sensory overdose.

    May 2015
  • Bombay Velvet

    The plot is needlessly complicated at the expense of emotion, and assembles a set of well-dressed people who seem to want to go someplace but are not quite sure where.

    May 2015
  • Piku

    ...has the same collection of fundamentally decent, endearing and eccentric characters that made Vicky Donor such a winner.

    May 2015
  • Court

    Chaitanya Tamhane’s elegantly assembled and immensely powerful debut packs together observation, humanism, intelligence and beauty.

    Apr 2015
  • Ek Paheli Leela

    Leone’s risqué image will prove most handy in getting productions off the ground and ensuring footfalls in cinemas, but at least in this movie at least, she is clearly out of place.

    Apr 2015
  • Dharam Sankat Mein

    ...isn’t a patch on Oh My God! or PK, both of which boldly lampooned the commercialisation of religion, but the very fact that it exists, dares to broach the matter of Islamophobia among Hindus, and has been passed by the Central Board of Film Certification redeems it somewhat.

    Apr 2015
  • Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

    Although Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! works hard on creating a convincing setting for Byomkesh to make his mark, the characters are mostly under-written and the central mystery lacks tension and a sense of imminent danger.

    Apr 2015
  • Hunterrr a comedy about sex rather than a sex comedy, presented with plenty of verve and wit, but also the indulgence of a first-time director.

    Mar 2015
  • Coffee Bloom

    ...most of the characters created by director and co-writer Sharat Parvathavani are under-written and not rounded enough to justify the complexity of their experiences.

    Mar 2015
  • Roy ponderous, slow-burning to the point of being slow-moving, and too self-absorbed to notice that it isn’t going anywhere. But it always looks tip-top.

    Feb 2015
  • MSG

    ...this excruciating and enervating experience has the potential to inaugurate a new sub-category in the Indian mythological movie genre – the godman hagio-pic.

    Feb 2015
  • Shamitabh

    Here are the offbeat story, the easily flowing and witty banter, the quirky and urbane characters, and the light-hearted touch. But here are also the unwieldy and stretched narrative (153 minutes), the unresolved climax, the gimmicky nature of the material and the inability to expand on the movie’s premise.

    Feb 2015
  • Rahasya's a taut and stylish affair, which gives no quarter to extraneous elements such as songs and sub-plots over its 125 minutes. Most of the elements click into place like they would in a near-perfect crime...

    Jan 2015
  • Hawaizaada

    ...would have worked nicely as a work of fiction about two individuals who dream of putting the allegories and myths on which they grew up into practice, but Puri wholly believes in his flight of fancy.

    Jan 2015
  • Creature

    The pumped-up background score tries to send a few shivers down the spine, but the only impact is on the ear-drums.

    Sep 2014