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  • Revolver Rani

    ...has a bit too much going on at any given point, but it is cast well and has an interesting set of actors who give the material much-needed heft.

    Apr 2014
  • Samrat & Co.

    The ending promises a sequel, which might be better suited to television, given the basic production values, sheer scantiness of the plot, and the staccato screenplay.

    Apr 2014
  • Main Tera Hero

    Varun’s youth and verve are never in doubt, but he labours under the shadow of the great Govinda, who enlivened several Dhawan productions with his ability to land a joke at just the right moment and convey the essential insanity of the enterprise.

    Apr 2014
  • Ankhon Dekhi

    Still, as city films and portraits of ordinary people taking a step towards an extraordinary light go, Aankhon Dekhi is an enjoyable confection...

    Mar 2014
  • Gunday

    It’s formula food for the present day, spiced with flamboyance, a fair sense of rhythm that occasionally slackens during the 153-minute running time, and a clear understanding of the meaning of popular entertainment, Hindi movie style.

    Feb 2014
  • One By Two

    ...mashes together typical rom-com ingredients with indie-style improvisation, but the result is sequences that play on for too long and moments that work in isolation but never as part of the big picture.

    Jan 2014
  • Jai Ho

    As an employment scheme for various television regulars and forgotten actors from previous decades, Jai Ho is honourable; as an act of self-mythologizing, it is peerless; as cinema, it is disposable. And as a message movie, Jai Ho is pure lunacy (not for nothing was its original title Mental).

    Jan 2014
  • Om-Dar-Ba-Dar

    ...prevents easy analysis, let alone glowing reviews, but there is little doubt about its status as a rare gem from India’s arguably sparse trove of avant-garde treasures.

    Jan 2014
  • Dhoom 3

    ...sallies forth boldly into Hollywood genre territory but resorts ever so often to longstanding Hindi movie contrivances to keep the plot ticking.

    Dec 2013
  • Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

    Malhotra’s desire to engage with the issues that matter seems to be a response to criticism that Bollywood needs to move out of la-la land and in the direction of realistic cinema, but Gori Tere Pyaar Mein! is proof that this journey is not for everybody.

    Nov 2013
  • Rajjo

    ...the movie plays out unmistakably in la-la land, with characters that can only be found in other movies about prostitutes and a series of plot developments that bear little connection to the real world.

    Nov 2013
  • Boss

    The action-comedy category, characterised by such films as Wanted, Singham and Rowdy Rathore, is primarily aimed at boosting the careers of the marquee male stars who headline them. Every actor who isn’t the ubermensch that no force in the world can withstand doesn’t need to bother. Why then should audiences?

    Oct 2013
  • Besharam

    It works to the extent that Kapoor is a star in the popular Hindi cinema mould and can command attention in the dreariest of moments, but even screen gods can’t convert water into wine.

    Oct 2013
  • Prague

    Shukla and screenplay writer Sumit Saxena lay on the twists and turns, tying themselves in knots they are unable to get out of.

    Sep 2013
  • Zanjeer

    ...assembles the usual dose of slow-motion fight sequences, songs and flat comic sequences between the first frame and the last.

    Sep 2013
  • Madras Cafe

    ...points to the consequences of unthinking military intervention. It’s too bad that the movie is unable to make this point with lucidity or conviction.

    Aug 2013
  • Chennai Express

    Shetty never lets it rip. He is content with doling out a festive season timepasser, which is the solo release for the Eid weekend and has been plastered across so many screens in the country and the world that its success is guaranteed.

    Aug 2013
  • D-Day

    It’s preposterous at the best of times but nevertheless very watchable despite a stretched denouement, song interludes and redundant scenes of intimacy and family bonding.

    Jul 2013
  • Shorts

    Despite the realism, grittiness and seriousness on display, four of the five stories aim for poignant and uplifting conclusions that undermine their impact.

    Jul 2013
  • Ishkq In Paris

    If the movie works at all, it is because Prem Raj restricts the lopsided affair to 96 minutes, and Zinta’s joy at being the cynosure of attention is undeniably contagious.

    May 2013
  • Aurangzeb

    This is a movie that aspires to be about the mini-empires that exist within-and often work against-the Indian republic, but it scuttles its own ambitions midway through.

    May 2013
  • Go Goa Gone

    The story moves determinedly in the direction of zombie movie predictability, but the hilarious repartee is never far behind.

    May 2013
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