Nishi Tiwari

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  • Bhaag Johnny reduced to being a mangled mess of confused storytelling, half-hearted acting and stylised action, set pieces that seem more forced than seamless.

    Sep 2015
  • Bangistan eventually reduced to being a satire on the notion of a satire, falling tremendously short of a bang for your buck.

    Aug 2015
  • Dirty Politics

    ...represents the same online trolls it resembles -- a potential threat given its ability to misguide the masses with its half-baked ideas and smug ignorance.

    Mar 2015
  • Hawaizaada

    ...thanks to the film’s half-baked treatment, it is reduced to appearing like a flight of fancy of an impulsive wastrel than an ambitious dream of a strong-willed genius.

    Jan 2015
  • Zid

    It appears lost when it should be deftly guiding the audience towards the big revelation in the end, awkward where it should be enticing and a hatchet job in general that flounders at an exasperating rate.

    Nov 2014
  • Happy Ending its core, is pretentious and doesn’t quite live up to expectations, save for Govinda, who lights up the screen with his mere presence and those legendary moves.

    Nov 2014
  • Pizza

    If you're a fan of the genre and have lamented the sorry state Hindi horror films have been in, give this one a chance.

    Jul 2014
  • Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

    ...would have done much better for itself had it tried to find its original voice, instead of pandering to a vague idea of what sells when it comes to love stories.

    Jul 2014
  • Dishkiyaoon

    The comic punches in Dishkiyaoon are too few and far between, plot twists make little sense and are saddled with glaring loopholes.

    Mar 2014