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  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

    Picture this, Katrina tells Hrithik, "Hume dabbe mein sirf tab hona chahiye, jab hum mar jayein". (We should be in a box only when we're dead). That metaphor doesn't quite apply to Indian sensibilities and that's the case with most of ZNMD. You might just feel a strong disconnect.


    Jul 2011
  • Zero

    While the film has a wealth of references to Bollywood and its stars, these details don’t compensate for a story that starts with a beautiful plot, but takes off on a bizarre ride.


    Dec 2018
  • Why Cheat India

    The story and concept of Why Cheat India holds a lot of merit, and if the execution was the sharper and steadier, this one had the potential to graduate to another level. Even with the flaws in the story, the film and its various subjects have enough at hand to keep you entertained.


    Jan 2019
  • Welcome 2 Karachi

    ..a madcap comedy. The likes where nothing makes sense but grown men act like retards and yet save the world. It’s hard to write a recommendation for such a brainless romp.


    May 2015
  • Wazir

    The production, the sound, the action is all top notch. But the writing is King of the game in a film. The technique is merely a pawn. You can sacrifice the pawns but not the King.


    Jan 2016
  • War a decent addition to both actors' action film legacy. But this high-profile bang bang show is at best, popcorn entertainment for action movie buffs.


    Oct 2019
  • Veerappan

    It's not the worst film Ram Gopal Varma has made. Nor is it any close to his best. It's just a middle-of-the-road offering where seeing an actor look like the mirror image of Veerappan catches your fancy for a few fleeting moments.


    May 2016
  • UnIndian

    This film may be called UnIndian but its treatment, writing and technique is unmistakably Indian and a little too obsessed with being masala.


    Aug 2016
  • Tumbbad a moody and atmospheric film. Some viewers may find the film a little too deep and disturbing, but fans of Hollywood horror films will be reminded of memorable movies in the genre like Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) and Eraserhead (1977). This one is genuinely scary.


    Oct 2018
  • Tubelight

    This is a sweet little film alright, but the emotional inconsistencies just don’t iron out. It’s a classic case of what could've been a great film, settles for much less.


    Jun 2017
  • Tu Hai Mera Sunday

    It has novel ideas, but Tu Hai Mera Sunday’s intentions deserved a better execution. Director Milind Dhaimade isn’t able to get the required finesse in telling this tale.


    Oct 2017
  • Traffic

    Despite it's minor flaws Traffic is a film that deserves attention and an audience. It's a fantastic story of human spirit.


    May 2016