Renil Abraham

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  • Mom

    While Sridevi and Nawaz deliver excellent performances, the plot and the story is line is too feeble. A mother taking revenge against the rapists of her step daughter — now that's a meaty plot if we were in 2005.

    Jul 2017
  • Guest Iin London

    The film was meant to be a light-hearted comedy, and not only does it not fit the bill, Guest Iin London may not be suitable for any category, comedy or otherwise.

    Jul 2017
  • Banjo

    If you're going to watch Banjo, make sure that you do not buy a recliner seat, because you'll be signing up for a sleeping fest.

    Sep 2016
  • Raaz Reboot

    Cliched and boring, one would be tempted to walk out of the movie in the first 10 minutes, but what if the second half got better? Bad news, second half is worse.

    Sep 2016