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  • Super 30 tells a true story but it never rings true. Nothing in the film is less convincing than the lead performance. The idea to bronze up Hrithik Roshan so that he can impersonate Anand Kumar is anything but super: it is a formula that equals zero.

    Jul 2019
  • Malaal

    ...would have left as with no regrets whatever if only it had the courage to go all out to stress upon the power of love to surmount divisive forces at play in Mumbai and elsewhere. It abandons that topical concern and settles for a construct that drifts towards a tame, sanitized finish.

    Jul 2019
  • Article 15 an important addition to a very small number of Hindi films that have successfully tackled weighty social issues through the means of a more popular idiom.

    Jun 2019
  • Kabir Singh a hugely problematic film. The bloated, overlong love story seeks to lend a veneer of normality to acts of dreadful delinquency and sickening misogyny by painting an empathetic portrait of a wayward doctor who lets heartbreak get the better of him, in the process endangering the life of a patient every time he picks up a scalpel to perform a surgery.

    Jun 2019
  • Game Over

    Taapsee Pannu, as she has been in her recent outings, is never less than convincing. While she may be the primary reason why you must go out a watch this film, it certainly isn't devoid of other intrinsic merits in terms of substance and execution.

    Jun 2019
  • Bharat a full-on crowd-pleaser for the massive fan base out there seeking recompense for the Tubelight and Race 3 reverses. But for the rest, Bharat is a ponderous trudge.

    Jun 2019
  • Nakkash

    ...only skims the surface of a complex theme. Instead of raining hammer blows on politics that is driven by discord and distrust, it manages to inflict only a few pin pricks on its target. Be that as it may, any film that has its heart in the right place - Nakkash does - merits commendation.

    May 2019
  • Kalank

    ...has unmistakable contemporary resonance because it celebrates the transformative power of love in the time of rampant hatred. The film is worth a viewing not only for what it says, but also for how it packages its pacifist statement.

    Apr 2019
  • Romeo Akbar Walter

    ...visions are raised of a sinewy, edge-of-the-seat espionage thriller crammed, end to end, with intrigue and tension. What we get instead is an overlong and monumentally drab movie that centres on the unflappable undercover spy-protagonist scrounging around in Karachi for crumbs of preemptive information about the enemy nation's war plans.

    Apr 2019
  • No Fathers In Kashmir

    ...places the various facets of the unrest on the table and does not overplay its hand. The impact of the quality writing, the steady cinematography and the sharp editing is enhanced significantly by a cast of actors who strike the right notes all the way.

    Apr 2019
  • Junglee

    It would of course be too much to expect subtlety and other niceties from a turgid movie that cannot even do justice to the pack of pachyderms that it employs in order to acquire heft.

    Mar 2019
  • Notebook

    Can picture-postcard images paper over misshapen pockmarks left on a film by a pair of rough-on-the-edges new actors finding their tentative way through a sloppy screenplay and going around in circles? If Notebook, Nitin 'Filmistaan' Kakkar's third film, is anything to go by, the answer is a big, resounding no.

    Mar 2019
  • Kesari

    ...has enough self-sustaining fire to be a well-above-average film. And with Akshay Kumar doing the heavy lifting with unwavering enthusiasm, the star's fans will find it easy to get into the swing of this tale of extraordinary courage in the face of daunting adversity.

    Mar 2019
  • Milan Talkies

    ...manages to skirt around major bumps on the way. There are some no doubt, but the film never veers off its chosen course. If you let it grow on you, you will end up liking it.

    Mar 2019
  • Photograph

    The languid grace and unswerving geniality inherent in the making stand out. They enhance the radiance of the overall cinematic composition and make Photograph a film that will stay etched in our memories awhile.

    Mar 2019
  • Hamid

    ...both the film and the character, articulates that overarching hope with gentle yet precise, persuasive strokes.

    Mar 2019
  • Badla

    ...the quality of the acting and the technical finesse on show - Avik Mukhopadhyay's unobtrusive yet effective camerawork is especially noteworthy - make Badla an unmissable film.

    Mar 2019
  • Total Dhamaal a great leveller - it reduces all of us, critics included, to dunces, some willing and some not-so-willing. But that would be only if you go anywhere near it. The choice is yours.

    Feb 2019
  • Gully Boy

    In an era of which Bollywood is increasingly passing off pulpy apologies for demagoguery for cinema, Gully Boy could have been a fitting riposte. It just doesn't go far enough to pose discomfiting questions in keeping with the art of the street rapper. But all said and done, Gully Boy can be whole-heartedly commended for its craft, fascinating characters and Ranveer Singh.

    Feb 2019
  • Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

    ...goads the audience to think differently without trying to deviate from its primary purpose, which is to deliver entertainment. It does the latter well enough and yet does not overly dilute its off-kilter vision. No mean feat that.    

    Feb 2019
  • Thackeray

    ...a cinematic lionising of a political career that thrived on exclusionary, majoritarian muscle-flexing. Not a great idea in these fractious times. As provocative as the politics it celebrates, Thackeray is a film that is best left alone.

    Jan 2019