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  • Tumbbad the personal exploration of one man’s demons and the inevitability of him living with them forever no matter what he achieves. Rigorously detailed as a period film, Tumbbad has resonance with class structures that exist today.

    Oct 2018
  • Ugly

    Ultimately Ugly rests on an irony, and although there are some masterfully-crafted scenes to build up suspense, none of it can hide the writer-director’s moral gaze—how depraved are you, he seems to ask, leaving his audience uneasy.

    Dec 2014
  • PK

    ...the director’s biggest feat is the idea, its effortless translation and its politics.

    Dec 2014
  • Ungli

    The film has the distinct stamp of a brand of exaggerated, schmaltzy activism far from reality but in the garb of realism—the consummate example of this is Rang De Basanti, also D’Silva’s script.

    Nov 2014
  • Happy Ending

    Listless and phoney though it is as cinema, Happy Ending has some chuckle-inducing moments, and one secret weapon in Govinda.

    Nov 2014
  • Kill Dil an amalgam of Hindi film clichés, the most obvious being the orphans, set to uninspired gimmicks. A waste of a Govinda comeback.

    Nov 2014
  • Happy New Year

    So much staleness, packed into a running time of 3 hours, is revolting even to the brain-dead stupor that we, fans of Hindi movies, sometimes habitually get into just for the sake of time-pass entertainment.

    Oct 2014
  • Haider immensely effective reimagination of Shakespeare—and the film’s biggest triumph is that the provincial, in this case Kashmir and the characters defined by its reality, shine in a universal and timeless tragedy.

    Oct 2014
  • Mary Kom

    The champion’s amazing journey is broad-brushed, Manipur is a puzzle and Priyanka Chopra is impressively industrious

    Sep 2014
  • Katiyabaaz

    It is heartening to see documentaries release on the big screen, and Katiyabaaz is the clever new avatar of this genre that turns the mundane and the extraordinary in reality into marketable and watchable cinema.

    Aug 2014
  • Kick

    It’s a really long Salman Khan act—he’s the messiah, the crazy ‘dil se’ man. Just don’t count it as cinema

    Jul 2014
  • Ek Villain ugly ode to misogyny. On the other hand, it is an opportunity wasted for a spectacularly violent film free of middle-class dross.

    Jun 2014
  • Dekh Tamasha Dekh

    ...political satire is a scarce commodity in Hindi cinema. Khan makes one without alienating any kind of audience. Far from being preachy; its politics is utterly engaging.

    Apr 2014
  • Queen ebullient, enjoyable film, its feminist points squirelled into the film’s margins. It’s the breeziest film you can imagine about a person’s transformation in a short span, and Ranuat is winningly responsible for it.

    Mar 2014
  • Hasee Toh Phasee

    It is an extremely likable balance between light and shade, the sadness in his beautiful lead woman sitting happily alongside her smiles. The sugar is pleasingly granular.

    Feb 2014