Sankhayan Ghosh

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  • Sarkar 3

    The movie doesn’t feel as much an organic follow-up to Sarkar Raj—probably the last time the Varma tasted some success—as much a lazy attempt by a creatively bankrupt director to revive his career.

    May 2017
  • Poorna

    ...succeeds in a few scenes which could be rooted in real life anecdotes but throbs with imagination.

    Mar 2017
  • Kaabil

    A somewhat relaxed performance from Hrithik Roshan is the only watchable thing in this dull, dim-witted revenge drama.

    Jan 2017
  • Freaky Ali

    He (director Sohail Khan) squanders the dramatic potential of the plot and ends up with a puerile comedy involving dons, puns and women as eye candy.

    Sep 2016
  • Rough Book

    ...maybe a well-intentioned film that tries to talk about education’s descent into business in the country. But it is impossible to take it seriously.

    Jun 2016