Saumil Gandhi

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  • Global Baba

    The film is hilarious, and the movie they are making within it even more so. It's an alien adventure with cheesy lines, silly plot points, and low production value.

    Mar 2016
  • Khamoshiyan

    The producers of the film have mastered the business of titilation. They control their productions like a factory line, with an eye only on the bottom line.

    Jan 2015
  • Chittagong an unpretentious - albeit studious - effort to document an important event in our history, one that otherwise may not have been told. For that alone it merits a watch.

    Oct 2012
  • Barfi!

    It is funny without being irreverent, charming without being superficial, and when the time comes, incredibly moving without being melodramatic.

    Sep 2012
  • Raaz 3

    There's certainly an audience out there, given that this is the third film in a franchisee. But I have a feeling that it's sinking rapidly.

    Sep 2012
  • Luv Ka The End

    ...has clear aspirations of fitting into a niche that its makers have identified, and within this framework it is a product that's been well thought and executed. How it measures up as an original work of cinema is of course an altogether different question.

    May 2011