Shakti Shetty

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  • Khamoshiyan

    In case you are looking for laughter punctuated by sudden horror, lovely dialogues and illogical scenes, you should watch this one. If not, maintain silence as well as distance.

    Jan 2015
  • Alone

    Given the track record that horror genre has in Hindi film industry, 'Alone' is worth laughing with too, but not all horror films can claim to have a more touching twist in the plot.

    Jan 2015
  • Fireflies

    In an ideal world, this film wouldn’t have lasted longer than 70 minutes. A majority of the sequences are repetitive and pointless.

    Oct 2014
  • Desi Kattey

    When a film aims at offering violence wrapped around a love story, there’s the possibility of a conflict between the two. Often, violence is romanticised to the point that humane elements are eventually overlooked.

    Sep 2014
  • Hate Story 2’s not a bad film. Which also means that it could have been lot better given that it has a decent plot to fall back on.

    Jul 2014
  • Kaanchi

    ...shows promise in the beginning, but soon enough, its potential is lost even though the climax offers some inspiration.

    Apr 2014
  • Dishkiyaoon

    There is enough suspense to keep you glued to your seat. But if it wasn’t for the usual dose of naach-gaana and the same old ‘mafia gimmicks’, this film could have been crisper.

    Mar 2014
  • Ragini MMS - 2 not yawn-inducing but quite entertaining. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a shoddily-made film that could have been better if it hadn’t blindly followed the same old horror film formula.

    Mar 2014
  • Ya Rab

    ...this film may have low production values but it tackles a sensitive subject head-on and sends a clear message.

    Feb 2014
  • The Light: Swami Vivekananda

    ...this film could have been far better as an all-praising documentary. A tribute doesn’t necessarily mean that one can toy with the idea of making a film without getting the basics right.

    Aug 2013
  • Chor Chor Super Chor

    Exploring the Capital on the big screen is in vogue but not all the efforts reach their destination. This particular film comes very close to stealing its spot.

    Aug 2013
  • B.A. Pass

    The film is a crisp attempt at doing something new. Making the most of the so-called neo-noir genre, the film at hand rises above the mundane and tries to stick its neck out into the darker side of life.

    Aug 2013
  • Luv U Soniyo

    What can one possibly say about a film that is so unidirectional that you get tired of correctly predicting what the next scene will be?

    Jul 2013
  • Ramaiya Vastavaiya

    Despite all their attempts at upholding entertainment, remakes such as these often pose a very simple question: will it work if the writers don’t put in a bit more effort when the audiences are more than willing to?

    Jul 2013
  • Sixteen

    Despite its hapless editing and a circus of miscasts, the admirable part is it doesn’t thrust an all-weather remedy to handling hormones effectively.

    Jul 2013
  • Policegiri

    For those who like to hear cracking of bones, watch computer-generated stunts and exaggerated violence on the big screen, 'Policegiri' might come across as a staple diet.

    Jul 2013