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  • Jhalki

    If the story is tailor-made for tears, Brahmananda S Singh doesn’t try to spare any. However, the film leaves one unmoved due to its cardboard characters...

    Nov 2019
  • Halkaa

    This setting is again where Panda scores, bringing alive to us the slums we pass by every day, even if the suggestion of grime is fleeting. At the same time, this is where he cheats, by giving us a film about urban wretchedness in easily digestible drawing-room gollops...

    Sep 2018
  • Laila Majnu

    There is only one true love in this film, and that is what Imtiaz Ali surely has for brother Sajid. For, no one goes from a dud called Jab Harry Met Sejal to a bigger dud like Laila Majnu but for some true brotherly love.

    Sep 2018
  • Hope Aur Hum

    ...doesn’t believe in subtlety when it comes to drumming home its message of old giving way to the new, saddling Naseeruddin Shah with the burden of making audiences hope that, surely, there is something better around the corner.

    May 2018
  • Raazi

    That Raazi never becomes a chest-thumping spectacle of jingoism, despite all that is tempting in the preceding sentence, is presumably the work of the refiner sensibilities of writer-director Meghna Gulzar...

    May 2018
  • Munna Michael

    Munna will dance, Munna will fight, Munna will dance and fight together, Munna will love his father wholeheartedly, Munna will serve Mahinder unquestioningly, Munna will win over the local beauty, and Munna will win all the dance competitions he enters, across cities. Whatever the story is.

    Jul 2017
  • Gandhigiri

    So why does this film have Om Puri, Sanjay Mishra, Anupam Shyam and Mukesh Tiwari? And why does it offer special thanks to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal? Maybe, some questions are better left unasked.

    Oct 2016
  • Fitoor

    All of Aditya Roy Kapoor’s hair is bunched upon his head and all of Katrina Kaif’s is plunged in a Chinar-esque red, in the hope perhaps that you don’t notice their blank faces below.

    Feb 2016
  • Bullett Raja

    This is not Dhulia trying to make commercial cinema "aesthically better", as he has been emphasising. This is the celebrated director and now a fancied actor completely surrendering himself to it.

    Nov 2013