Suhani Singh

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  • Phoonk 2

    ...proves that nothing fails like excess. Gadagkar’s half-baked script is crammed with clichés from the horror genre...

    Apr 2010
  • Haunted

    ...all familiar elements of the horror film genre. They are present in spades in Haunted, but they tickle the funny bone rather than send shivers down your spine.

    May 2011
  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama

    Director and writer Luv Ranjan seems to have a string of bad breakups. Only that can explain why the villains in his debut movie are the girlfriends – who are difficult, demanding, unfathomable and annoying.

    May 2011
  • Chillar Party soon as the kids take up matters bigger than their size and become preachy, the film loses its spark. Sometimes it is better to let kids be kids.

    Jul 2011
  • Delhi Belly

    While Khan and off-screen stand up comedian Das also live up to their parts, the film doesn't work in bits. There's no real emotional core to the characters.

    Jul 2011
  • Maximum

    Somewhere in the 90 minutes is a story that tells us nothing new or fascinating about the nexus between the cops and the underworld.

    Jul 2012
  • Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi

    The movie could have risen to become a nuanced drama about a couple in their forties, struggling to balance between their familial responsibilities and matters of heart. Instead we get a hokey love story that never quite beguiles or tickles.  

    Sep 2012
  • Raaz 3

    Vikram Bhatt, the current caretaker of Ramsay’s camp horror legacy, employs the tried- and-tested formulae: translucent white curtains blow, doors creak, untraceable husky voices deliver threats, all of which never quite draw out a scream.

    Sep 2012
  • Heroine

    The saving grace of this film is Kapoor, who holds her own despite an inept screenplay that is keen to sensationalize rather than empathize for the protagonist.

    Sep 2012
  • Table No. 21

    Bhatt initially keeps the audience engaged with a quick pace and amusing vignettes such as a machine which measures the decibel levels of a slap. But he loses his grip in the second half, especially as the audience is able to put together the clues and predict the game’s end.

    Jan 2013