Sukanya Venkatraghavan

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  • Singham

    ...a film that will invoke wolf whistles and applause from its audience. It is gloriously massy. The movie knows its job and does it well. It does nothing out of the box to grab your attention and yet it does. Pretty easily. Watch it for its robust potboiler personality.

    Jul 2011
  • Shaitan

    ...decent first time effort. But it leaves you a little wistful. We keep wishing that films like these will finally overcome the boundaries of commerce and mediocrity and we are probably just there, metres from the finishing line.

    Jun 2011
  • Ready

    Here's the thing. When it comes to a Salman Khan or a Rajnikant film, their performance is not important. It's the audience performance that counts. And the audience delivers every time.

    Jun 2011
  • Kashmakash

    ...might have worked better had it simply been subtitled and not dubbed. And even though it is a little long and laboured there are flashes of poignancy that may just stay with you long after the last reels have rolled.

    May 2011
  • 404 definitely worth watching. Prawal Raman has a steady and non compromising hold over suspense. And there is enough for you to work out bit by bit, long after you have left the movie hall.

    May 2011
  • 7 Khoon Maaf

    ...where the film could have been deliciously dark, mad and off the rails, it ends up being just a disappointing above average weekend watch. Our hopes for a masterpiece of a film have just been done to death. Pity.

    Feb 2011
  • Yeh Saali Zindagi

    There is a lot of quirkiness in the film and a dark wry humour. But while it has some largely interesting moments, YSZ is let down by its need to overstate itself. The narrative is bursting at its seams.

    Feb 2011
  • Dhobi Ghat's a moody painting that will entice you to linger and stare and stay with you forever. Either ways it's made of the stuff that makes life what it is. Down to the last intriguing detail.

    Jan 2011
  • Turning 30

    This is one film that's screaming itself hoarse, lying on the floor throwing a tantrum saying, "I'm cool chick flick. Can't you see? I'm a cool, cool chick flick." Therein lies the tragedy.

    Jan 2011
  • Mirch

    ...a good showcase for the yet undermined talent of its lead actors. While the women are on top, the movie is a little ho hum like missionary.

    Dec 2010
  • Band Baaja Baaraat

    Rarely do you find a love story that is so full of life and bouncing off the walls. Band Baaja Baarat is one of the freshest cleverly written films in recent times.

    Dec 2010
  • Guzaarish not the storm he may have intended it to be, but it is that little spell of rain that invades your life for a bit. But just for that bit...

    Nov 2010
  • Dabangg

    ...rides totally on Salman Khan's magic.Had director Abhinav Kashyap cast a less popular actor, it’s doubtful the film would have the chutzpah that Khan has lent to it.

    Sep 2010
  • Aashayein

    What an awful pity. When you see a film cough splutter and gasp its way to a slow painful death right in front of your eyes.

    Aug 2010