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  • Aladin

    What Ghosh dishes out in its place is some half-hearted hocus-pocus, a clumsy mix of old world lore with contemporary indifference, sloppy trips to the flashback and awkward bursts of forced sentimentality.

    Nov 2009
  • Paa

    ...celebrates the purest phase of an individual with such touching simplicity; it's impossible to remain unmoved.

    Dec 2009
  • Rann

    There are a couple of moments in Rann...reminiscent of vintage Varma. Then again, a messy climax, witless and uninspired writing and shoddy, detail-free narrative ensure these memories are washed out as soon as they are formed.

    Jan 2010
  • Striker

    Clearly, Striker doesn't aim at being a bam-wham kind of flick. Instead it offers a study into the uneasy coming-of-age of an individual on-the-fence over the life he wants to embrace.

    Feb 2010
  • My Name is Khan

    What primarily doesn't work for me here is the man behind Khan. SRK delivers an inconsistent, half-convincing performance, which is a tricky mix of laboured, strained and spontaneous.

    Feb 2010
  • Karthik Calling Karthik

    Films like Karthik Calling Karthik are all about winding up right. This one fails to make a connect. Pity, it could have been that all important call you've always been waiting for.

    Feb 2010
  • Lahore

    Though limited in its story-telling and undistinguished in execution, Lahore redeems itself somewhat by intently playing on the paradox of pacifist intentions realised in the face of a seriously hostile sport.

    Mar 2010
  • Sadiyaan

    Kanwar not only rakes an old-fashioned subject, his treatment is outmoded too. And there's nothing vintage about that.

    Apr 2010
  • Badmaash Company

    Sethi's directorial debut starts out with cocksure confidence and zing but soon runs out of mischief, bonhomie, wizardry and pretty much everything else.

    May 2010
  • I Hate Luv Storys's Imran and Sonam's collective persona and their free-flowing chemistry that makes all the difference. Although the pair deserve better than an amateurishly written romance to scoop out their terrific potential as a combination.

    Jul 2010
  • Lamhaa

    Lamhaa's relevance lies in its ability to give you an overview, even if it's a crammed one, about the ugliness of greed and intolerance through the example of Kashmir. At the same time it's honest and practical enough to end on an unfulfilled, hopeless note.

    Jul 2010
  • Udaan

    Being young can be quite rewarding if you are willing to take charge, be responsible. Udaan is an enriching experience in highlighting the same.

    Jul 2010
  • Khatta Meetha

    ...projects itself as a witty satire with reference to someone as reputed as Laxman but its uneven mood shift from ironical to intense augmented by cheesy dialogues like 'Keechad mein baithe suwar ki tarah sust kyon ho?' begs you not to be taken seriously.

    Jul 2010
  • Aisha

    Beautifully shot and packaged with a fabulous soundtrack and superlative ensemble cast, Aisha, quite often, gets caught up in a self-created tangle of brand-led vanity to ever let one get acquainted to its leading lady.

    Aug 2010
  • Peepli [Live]

    ...well-researched, brilliantly-written and effectively documented creation that hasn't negotiated its wry vision for big screen. I'd go to the extent of saying it's the best Hindi film I've seen this year.

    Aug 2010
  • Lafangey Parindey its attention-grabbing title, is unapologetically superficial with a brief attention span. It doesn't dwell too long on the possible complications or questions that may arise in its protagonist's lives and conveniently wiggles out of/wraps up any uneasy development.

    Aug 2010
  • Yeh Saali Zindagi

    The idea is to project mess and chaos. Indeed surplus characters and subplots often make YSZ an overwhelming experience to endure. But if you are up for the challenge to explore Delhi's shifty facet, it's rewarding too.

    Feb 2011