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  • 102 Not Out

    Every single gesture is overdone and extra boisterous like Bachchan's inflated exuberance and screaming prosthetics, reminiscent of the 1970s when he'd masquerade as a grey-haired old man playing to the gallery. It was phony, but so much fun.

    May 2018
  • Aisha

    Beautifully shot and packaged with a fabulous soundtrack and superlative ensemble cast, Aisha, quite often, gets caught up in a self-created tangle of brand-led vanity to ever let one get acquainted to its leading lady.

    Aug 2010
  • Aiyaary

    It's a bloated, prolonged mess of misplaced purpose that digresses from military misdeeds to animal cruelty.

    Feb 2018
  • Akira

    Sonakshi moves, feels and looks the part that’s all but empty heft in a script so extraordinarily dated and bereft of punch.

    Sep 2016
  • Aladin

    What Ghosh dishes out in its place is some half-hearted hocus-pocus, a clumsy mix of old world lore with contemporary indifference, sloppy trips to the flashback and awkward bursts of forced sentimentality.

    Nov 2009
  • Aligarh

    ...the portrayal Aligarh offers is refreshing and respectful. But it’s much too multifaceted, at times for its own good, to be acknowledged for just that.

    Feb 2016
  • Baadshaho

    ...Baadshaho's sluggish screenplay and humourless rhythm are spectacularly low on swagger and daredevilry as well.

    Sep 2017
  • Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

    There are times Baahubali shows the strain of expectation, especially in the second half's doddering pace and excessive, unconvincing VFX, but when it communicates from a place of heart, it moves and enthralls.

    Apr 2017
  • Badla

    ...wears the air of a cold, civil, old-fashioned whodunit, which treats its premise like an insidious game and characters with undisguised suspicion.

    Mar 2019
  • Badmaash Company

    Sethi's directorial debut starts out with cocksure confidence and zing but soon runs out of mischief, bonhomie, wizardry and pretty much everything else.

    May 2010
  • Badmashiyaan

    Wearing incoherence like a badge, Badmashiyaan proceeds to and fro exhausting the viewer with its relentless lunacy and shabby screenwriting.

    Mar 2015
  • Bahubali

    The first part of the epic leaves behind dollops of rip-roaring entertainment to relish till it’s back to finish what it started in perhaps even more jaw-dropping manner.

    Jul 2015
  • Bank Chor

    Even if one overlooks at the glaring loopholes in its tonal switch and professed slyness, it's frustrating how much Bank Chor delays its denouement because nobody cried wolf.

    Jun 2017
  • Befikre

    If Befikre's sole objective is to prove Aditya Chopra's not a prude, he only embarrasses himself by going overboard with two sexually explicit characters who might even be more fond of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge than he is.

    Dec 2016
  • Begum Jaan

    In its preoccupation with drama, Begum Jaan neglects to reveal its soul. As a consequence, you feel nothing for the characters, their cause or fate.

    Apr 2017