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  • The Accidental Prime Minister

    ...the film, coming as it does in election year, has an agenda — it’s politically motivated. And the motive of this tacky, third-rate propaganda piece is all too apparent in the story it wants us to go home with, and the characters it wants us to hate and love.

    Jan 2019
  • Thugs Of Hindostan

    ...after sending the pesky writers on long leave, they proceed to throw cash at the the art director, the CGI team, the costume wallas, the extras, the star’s hair stylist, colourist, the carpenters… anything and everything except the story, the dialogue, the writing.

    Nov 2018
  • Mulk

    ...when mainstream Bollywood begins to get it right, when it finds the strength to articulate what’s right and wrong in a way that sits with audiences for a long time, there is hope.

    Aug 2018
  • Ajji bold in its decisions of what it shows and what it doesn’t. It’s sensitive and yet determined to make us see, imagine, join the dots.   It’s not interested in making us comfortable, help us tide over all that’s unpleasant, violent, vile.

    Nov 2017
  • Moh Maya Money

    My grouse is with the screenplay. Written by Bhardwaj and Mansi Nirmal Jain, it’s uneven, much like the film’s cinematography and scene-setting. At times smart and crackling, but also, for long spells, dull and sparse.

    Nov 2016
  • Parched

    Writer-director Leena Yadav’s Parched left me, well, rather parched. While in some respects it quenched my thirst, but — to further stretch the sexual hint in the film’s title — mostly it left me high and dry.

    Sep 2016
  • Mastizaade

    Arre bhai, here we are, with cinema tickets. Corrupt us, please. But for that Bollywood will have to man-up first and stop pretending we are a nation of gurgling morons who get off on montages of cleavage.

    Feb 2016
  • Bahubali

    ...starts off as a tacky, low-budget, DD-esque film. Even the initial CGI and brushed-out-wire flying stunts are crude and untidy. But, as it moves forward, the story twisting and revealing one character after another, with secrets, mistakes and mystery, it all begins to come together.

    Jul 2015
  • Gabbar Is Back

    ...a hectic, loud film that skids from one episode to another introducing characters — all prefabricated, one-dimensional ones necessary for simulating a vigilante melodrama — and pushing the story to its inevitable end.

    May 2015
  • Hunterrr

    The obsession with “likes” in these times of Facebook is killing all the fun. And Hunterrr is its latest victim. It’s all too keen that we like it, rather than we simply enjoy it. How sad.

    Mar 2015
  • Rahasya

    The film keeps us hooked, but it also irritates. It doesn’t deliver exactly what it promised to, but it does give us the confession we need to hear.

    Jan 2015