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  • 1921

    Writer-director Vikram Bhatt adds in every horror film trope and genre trick into a story that in the end has no top or bottom – much like some of its decapitated zombie characters.

    Jan 2018
  • Kaalakaandi is technically inconsistent and the narrative doesn’t quite pull together. You are waiting for the loose plots to come together as the film nears its end, but that does not happen quite to satisfaction. You are left with some doubts, a lack of closure, like there’s maybe something that slipped between the writing and the final edit.

    Jan 2018
  • Kadvi Hawa

    Panda does not preach or offer solutions. Juxtaposing two characters, two different geographies, communities and lives affected by changing winds and global warming, he simply asks us to face a bitter truth before its impact is irreversible.

    Nov 2017
  • Tumhari Sulu

    Kaul’s performance works wonderfully in tandem with Balan. Her Sulochana is everywoman but with a dollop of infectious optimism and Balan leaves you wanting more.

    Nov 2017
  • Ittefaq

    The look and feel is in place and so is the big twist. These two factors make Ittefaq a serviceable thriller, but not a genre-defining experience.

    Nov 2017
  • Ribbon

    Not all ideas translate well to film and though are some moments of note, if Ribbon works at all, it is credit to Koechlin’s and Vyas’ committed and convincing performances.

    Nov 2017
  • Tu Hai Mera Sunday

    There are a few unnecessary characters, and some tracks that remain under-explored but these are minor quibbles for a film that has its heart and intention in the right place.

    Oct 2017
  • Haseena Parkar

    Kapoor launches into the role with complete commitment, though one can question both the plausibility of her playing the part of an intimidating middle-aged godmother and her ability to bring in nuance.

    Sep 2017
  • Lucknow Central

    And while this jailhouse rock-on see-saws between musical drama and message movie, its origins in a true story (about a real life prison band called Healing Hearts) and it’s notation on the merits of reformation give it soul.

    Sep 2017
  • Poster Boys

    The issue of over-population is tackled with a light hand and while the humour is anything but subtle, Poster Boys will appeal to fans of the brothers Deol looking for an inoffensive good time.

    Sep 2017
  • Baadshaho

    Baadshaho's finale unfolds in a sandstorm and is the one scene that is visually arresting, though the story loses itself somewhere within the vortex.

    Sep 2017
  • Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

    The screenplay manages to walk the line between crass and preachy, keeping the balance between comedy, romance and the sensitivities around a taboo topic. However, a collection of nice moments and thoughts is untidily stitched together.

    Sep 2017
  • Qaidi Band

    ...rather than leave it to the audience to discern and feel, circumstances are described and speeches delivered patronisingly. The script soon turns towards drama, a poorly planned escape and a convenient climax.

    Aug 2017
  • Toilet

    Instead of sticking to social satire, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha takes on the mantle of an extended propaganda film—it’s just as tiresome, but with better production values and performances.

    Aug 2017
  • Gurgaon

    ...Raman’s film is not about the comfortable. It’s very much about unearthing and facing the ugly truth, and that’s a rather bitter pill.

    Aug 2017
  • Mubarakan

    Fortunately, the humour does not degenerate to crass double entendres. Family entertainment is clearly at the core and Mubarakan manages to deliver enough laughs.

    Jul 2017
  • Munna Michael

    Director Sabbir Khan and writer Vimi Datta have designed a film that is serviced by Shroff’s two skills – dancing and action. In spite of being predictable story with slack storytelling, Khan once again (Heropanti, Baaghi) showcases just what is needed to keep Shroff’s fans satisfied. Put in enough of these two elements and who cares about logic, story, acting or originality.

    Jul 2017
  • Shab

    ...should have augmented Onir’s oeuvre. Perhaps being based on a script written over a decade ago contributed to the feeling of datedness.

    Jul 2017
  • Behen Hogi Teri

    Had Rao had a more skilled co-star, the chemistry might have been more believable rather than appearing ‘staged’. In fact the pitching of the performances is the second issue with the narrative (besides the wandering script).

    Jun 2017
  • Dear Maya a surprisingly satisfactory watch, mainly for the winsome performances and Bhatnagar's ability to deliver an immersive experience.

    Jun 2017
  • Hindi Medium obviously playing to the gallery. It makes you laugh, it makes you think, but its one-note characters and black-and-white divisions mean that while it makes the grade, the film is no topper.

    May 2017
  • Meri Pyaari Bindu

    Nostalgia is one of the strongest characters in Meri Pyaari Bindu, but it’s unlikely that the target audience for this kind of frothy romcom would warm up to that, and those who would are perhaps seeking more heft.

    May 2017
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