Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri

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  • Delhi In A Day

    A film that could have just been a bunch of generalizations about the people of Delhi, bordering on cliché, is instead a bang on portrayal of an upper-class south Delhi household.

    Aug 2012
  • Challo Driver

    The concept behind Challo Driver is decent enough but a bad script, uninspiring performances and the dialogues ruin what could have been a feel-good flick.

    Jul 2012
  • Faraar a film that could have many things; a thriller, a mystery, an action flick, and if none of those then at least a tale of love and lust. But alas, in trying to be everything at once the film ends up being nothing at all.

    Dec 2011
  • Ye Stupid Pyar

    The failure of Ye Stupid Pyar cannot be blamed on just the lead pair, which would be a wee bit unfair. It was a team effort.

    Dec 2011
  • Lanka

    ...the sets are good and the actors do well. But in all honesty the film tends to be boring at times and a few aspects are a bit hard to believe.

    Dec 2011