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  • It is the coming out film that many gay men and women probably wish they had when they struggled to have the conversation with their families. And they will surely recognise pieces of themselves in it.


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  • ...the welcome turn that Indian society has taken towards its view on the queer community in recent years will have a direct impact on how the same content will now be viewed and assimilated. In such a light, Sridhar Rangayan’s Evening Shadows seems a bit dated.


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  • You want to say nice things because the issue of gay rights is important, but this film is riddled with cliches about a patriarchal family where the gay son has not come out. It's a tedious watch.


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  • The intentions may be well-placed but the outcome is a series of loud and tired cliches, which permeate the film so deeply that the subject of homosexuality appears to be the only “original” aspect of it.


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