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  • Dhadak

    The nice thing about Dhadak is that it neither overwhelms nor underwhelms you. It pushes all the right buttons and when you leave the theatre, you are satisfied.

    Jul 2018
  • Soorma

    At a time when audience seems to have reached a saturation point of sorts as far as sports biopics are concerned, Shaad Ali somehow manages to reinstate people's faith in the genre by staying away from genre's cliches.

    Jul 2018
  • Sanju

    Frankly you don’t need to be a fan or a friend or family member of Sanjay Dutt to invest emotionally in this film. Even if you have a vicarious bent of mind (which most of have) you will take away a lot from Sanju.

    Jun 2018
  • Race 3 not even boasting of being an intelligible film which has been made to clear the cobwebs in your mind. It is an ostentatious, over-the-top Salman Khan vehicle, made for his fans between the ages of 5 and 60 (like me!). 

    Jun 2018
  • Veere Di Wedding

    It's being hailed as a female buddy flick and the girls are open about drinking, having flings and discussing sex, which by and large is taboo in our films, so it's brave in that sense. But it has nothing to do with women empowerment. Once you accept that and watch the film you are in for a crazy ride.

    Jun 2018
  • 102 Not Out

    ...the main reason to watch this film is the fact that it brings together two of Indian cinema’s finest talents — Amitabh and Rishi — after a gap of 27 years.

    May 2018
  • Omerta

    Interspersing news footage — from the ’90s until the recent Mumbai 26/11 attacks — with a glamourised version of Omar’s life, it does manage to provide an overview of a contemporary terror hero.

    May 2018
  • Raid

    Watch Raid because despite the corruption around us, we still believe we can win the war against black money hoarders. Also, watch it for Ajay Devgn’s intensity.

    Mar 2018
  • Hate Story IV

    ...director Vishal Pandya delivers yet another revenge story. What also works against the film are the dialogues. You don’t know whether to laugh or cringe...

    Mar 2018
  • Pari

    Considering that Bollywood hasn’t seen a scary film in quite a while, it’s good to see Prosit venture into this genre without resorting to the old cliches. 

    Mar 2018
  • Mukkabaaz

    Kashyap is still one of Hindi cinema’s better storytellers. His films definitely shake you from your reverie. So for those who don't wish to just sleepwalk through life, this Kashyap kand is a must.

    Jan 2018
  • Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana’s a film that had potential to be a sweet love story. However, this one doesn’t quite get there because it’s not passionate enough on any count—be it in its social messaging--or be it in the romance.

    Nov 2017
  • Ittefaq

    Instead of the having the edge-of-the-seat quality that brain twisters ideally should, this one is a tiresome cat-and-mouse chase.

    Nov 2017
  • Chef

    The strength of Menon is adept emotional drama. He does a good job with complex characters and father-son and husband-wife dynamics. The film is a visual treat. Saif is in great form.

    Oct 2017