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  • Jabariya Jodi

    ...while Jabariya Jodi is saying all the right things, it falters in the execution. Better attention to detail would really have made a wealth of difference for the film.

    Aug 2019
  • Khandaani Shafakhana

    Where the film stumbles majorly is in the screenplay and editing. There is a lack of coherency in both the departments that kind of drags the film down. The film has been made with its heart in the right place.

    Aug 2019
  • Judgemental Hai Kya

    The film looks like something out of French New Wave cinema in most parts but segues into commercial Hindi cinema territory as well. Imagine Polanski's Repulsion (1965) given a Manmohan Desai treatment. 

    Jul 2019
  • Super 30

    The film belongs to Hrithik Roshan. He makes you forget the bad make-up and varying accent through his sheer involvement in the role. He underplays the anger, the pain, as well as the joy,  felt by his character and makes us believe in Anand Kumar.

    Jul 2019
  • One Day

    Vigilante justice films have to have the right mix of mayhem and violence. They should persuade us that the wrong-doers deserve this kind of raw punishment. Director Ashok Nanda hasn’t been able to offer the right balance and as a result, the film fails to make the kind of impact it was aiming for...

    Jul 2019
  • Article 15

    Watch the film for its riveting performances and its underlying message that even after 70 years as a free country, we’re still shackled to the chains of caste.

    Jun 2019
  • Bharat

    Somewhere along the way, the focus of the film shifts from India to Bharat the character and that's its chief flaw. You leave the theatre feeling underwhelmed...

    Jun 2019
  • Nakkash

    Better attention to detail and better writing would have turned Nakkash into a powerful vehicle propagating Hindu-Muslim unity -- something that’s much needed in these troubled times. Instead, you’re left with a sense of what could have been as you come out of the theatre...

    May 2019
  • India‘s Most Wanted

    You walk out of the film with a swelling sense of pride for the country and its brave men. But you can’t help wish the film was intelligently crafted rather than just banking on nationalist fervour. 

    May 2019
  • De De Pyaar De

    The writing of the film packs a few punches but they all come in spurts. A quicker pace and a pithy script could have elevated debutant director Akiv Ali’s film a notch higher.  

    May 2019
  • Setters

    The writing goes from being focussed to being all over the place. In effect, the balance of the film isn’t right. It’s too intense in some areas and playful in others.

    May 2019
  • Blank

    ...given its premise, the film had the potential to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller, if only the writing and execution could have been better.

    May 2019
  • The Tashkent Files

    Shastri's life is a much more interesting subject than his death. We wish someone makes a biopic on that, instead of speculating on his death. It should be stated that the film looks biased against a certain political party. Given the fact that elections are at hand, the film ideally should have been released post the voting...

    Apr 2019
  • Junglee an action-packed adventure which also tells us that we share this planet with lots of different species, who have an equal right to it...

    Mar 2019
  • Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota

    ...the film’s gags don’t travel well outside the context. It’s one of those -- ‘you’ve to be there’ -- kind of films. But within those two hours, you’ll surely laugh your head off.

    Mar 2019