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  • Aakrosh

    Priyadarshan has constantly been arguing that he switched to mindless comedy capers from meaningful serious cinema because the latter has no takers. If this is the kind of serious cinema he has to offer, we are better off with his comedies.

    Oct 2010
  • Do Dooni Chaar

    Director Habib Faisal resorts to minimalism in narrating a decent and delectable family drama. The characters he creates are likeable and their conflicts are relatable.

    Oct 2010
  • Lafangey Parindey

    ...a human tale of risk and loss, and emotional victories. It is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of Mumbai. Watch it for its earnest performances, real characters and sheer simplicity.

    Aug 2010
  • Khatta Meetha

    ...lacks wit and sarcasm and by no means can be termed as a political satire. Rather it’s a blatant and full-blown melodramatic tale of corruption that one has witnessed in zillion films before.

    Jul 2010
  • Udaan

    In an industry known to indulge in larger-than-life ‘flights of fantasy’, Udaan is one of those intermittent ‘coming of age’ films from Bollywood. Do not miss!

    Jul 2010
  • Tere Bin Laden

    Slapstick in some scenes, satirical in most and silly at times, Tere Bin Laden clicks primarily because above all its farce, it has an entertaining story to narrate.

    Jul 2010
  • Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta

    meets all the requisite criteria of the alleged art-house cinema. Nothing wrong about it other than the fact that though the film expectedly runs out of entertainment, this one also fails to enlighten or even emotionally touch, move or bind you.

    Jun 2010
  • Raavan

    Mani Ratnam’s modern adaptation of Hindu mythological epic Ramayana with a twist, is a film made with good intention, beautiful music and mind blowing cinematography but unfortunately lacking everything else!

    Jun 2010
  • Kites

    Though the story of ‘Kites’ comes from old school (read: There’s nothing new about this plot), the modern day cinematography, choreography, direction and editing make this one worth a watch.

    May 2010
  • Badmaash Company

    Parmeet Sethi makes an impressive debut as a writer and directs the film with as much finesse and panache. Unlike Yash Raj’s earlier con flick Bunty aur Babli (to which this one was compared) where the hoodwinks were hurried, the conning here is very credibly and comprehensively crafted and doesn’t insult your intelligence.

    May 2010
  • Housefull

    ...slap on your senses as the film sticks to the slapstick genre in every literal sense. It’s shocking that the director feels electrocution scenes are funny even in current times and stretches the sequence with no potential difference from Tom and Jerry cartoons.

    May 2010