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  • Tanhaji

    With filmmakers scrambling to convert historical accounts into big-screen spectacles, this one makes for a deserving tribute to a warrior who slipped through the cracks of history and arguably, was eclipsed by the Maharaj he represented.


    Jan 2020
  • Photograph

    An issue with the film is that while it tells a lot, it says very little — which is ironic given that a photograph is expected to convey a thousand words. Let’s just say this one’s a passport photo— a contained profile that offers a glimpse but not the big picture.


    Mar 2019
  • Zid

    Who actually created this-disgruntled director, proud producer, or horny underaged kid in the matinee show?


    Nov 2014
  • Zero

    Director Anand L Rai has forever backed stories that explore a range of human emotions in its most basic manifestations. Here, he deviates from his natural style and even basic constructs such as Bauaa’s change of heart or his initial courtship lack the soul one expects from his work.


    Dec 2018
  • Yeh Faasley

    ...never comes together as a film. None of the characters or their stories really grip you, the music is forced and mediocre, while most of the proceedings look staged, even as the fuzzy story loops around itself.


    Mar 2011
  • Ya Rab

    What is the lesser evil - A dishonest film made with technical fluency, or a socially relevant film with schoolboy technique?


    Feb 2014
  • Will You Marry Me?

    If only the makers had stuck to a single genre - either romance or drama or comedy and not this foolishly ambitious all encompassing idea of Will You Marry Me?, would have been a better film to watch.


    Mar 2012
  • Why Cheat India

    From the very first frame, this one has its audience figured. It knows that someone who’s drawn to a Hashmi caper has specific expectations — glib dialogue baazi, a lip-lock or three, and a surreal conman who can charm the pants off his partner.


    Jan 2019
  • What The Fish

    What the Fish's wacky brand of humor works half the time but confounds in equal measure. It touches no chords and remains consciously superficial but it does have an ensemble that has clicked in a story oddly fresh in these times.


    Dec 2013
  • Welcome to New York

    There are several points when one is forced to wonder the objective of making this film. Is this a front for an elaborately-constructed tax break? Is director Chakri Toleti actually a deceptive chartered accountant with breakthrough ideas? Does the said award function stand to gain or lose from this cinematic misadventure? Did Karan Johar have latent acting desires which couldn’t be accomplished in Bombay Velvet? We’ll never know.


    Feb 2018