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  • Tumbbad

    For the fantasy in Tumbbad to work, the reality had to seem equally frightening and crazy; but because the realities surrounding the parable are trimmed away before their emotional peaks are hit, the scares never quite reach us.

    Oct 2018
  • Helicopter Eela

    In the effort to dose Helicopter Eela with humour -- and it's not that a movie on this subject cannot be funny -- the film cuts down on its believability. The loser, as a result is Eela's journey to emancipation. And the audience.

    Oct 2018
  • LoveYatri

    The whole point of this idiotic movie hinges on whether Aayush Sharma who wants to act can act. Unless a singular dazed expression qualifies as talent, not by a long shot.

    Oct 2018
  • Manto

    If Manto, the film, falls short of being a masterpiece, it's ironically because Nandita Das the filmmaker does not quite crack the Manto code herself: she doesn't quite see her subject with the same wholeness that Manto saw his people. This imperfection in the film, in a way, becomes the greatest tribute to Manto.

    Sep 2018
  • Love Sonia

    When I walked out of Love Sonia this Monday night, I walked out with a hushed audience that seemed too overcome by the raw power of the film to even pause for applause -- and so they made their way to the exit very slowly, very silently.

    Sep 2018
  • Manmarziyaan

    ...explores the depths of Anurag Kashyap's versatility. And the indulgence he is often accused of shows up only towards the end to provide answers of what should have ended at a request.

    Sep 2018
  • Paltan

    ...Dutta's clownish treatment of history and hard-earned triumph demeans the efforts and sacrifices of real-life martyrs and bravehearts with its pompous ideas of valour, clunky writing and a cadre of lacklustre actors.

    Sep 2018
  • Gali Guleiyan

    Part of the experience and also the frustration of watching Guli Guleiyan is overlooking the heavy sense of importance the movie assigns to itself and acknowledging Dipesh Jain's virtuosic control over film craft and his unique (though not entirely satisfying) artistic sensibility.

    Sep 2018
  • Stree

    Not only are the concerns expressed in Stree (patriarchy, consent, prejudice against women) mere excuses to touch our 'sentimental hotspots', the movie itself is a few tricks cobbled together.

    Aug 2018
  • Gold

    It is only when Gold moves away from Akshay Kumar's blundering Bangla and hockey humbug to become a story of grace among go-getters that it comes close to becoming the movie it should have been.

    Aug 2018
  • Vishwaroop II

    An auteur, who is 'half-made,' is only as good as a politician and Vishwaroop 2, eerily enough, feels like a movie made by a politician -- with one-upmanship, quick fixes, and self-memorialisation aplenty.

    Aug 2018
  • Fanney Khan in the same space as Tumhari Sulu and Secret Superstar where starry-eyed aspiration and gullible hearts of gold go but nowhere as grounded in reality.

    Aug 2018
  • Mulk

    I wish racial and gender issues were explored more humanistically in our cinema so that aspects such as buried prejudices, history, and culture would bubble up through the smallest of back-and-forth.

    Aug 2018
  • Karwaan

    After all that running around, the life lessons it ultimately imparts only show the makers's inability by resorting to the same old soppy idea of closure it so desperately seeks to break away from.

    Aug 2018
  • Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3

    Out of place wit, flimsy motives, clumsily picturised songs, dispensable characters, phony instances of adultery and a parody of a climax ensure there is no hope for Dhulia's depthless, disappointing, drama.

    Jul 2018
  • Dhadak

    As a remake of Sairat, Dhadak is a travesty. As a standalone, Dhadak is standard Bollywood boy-meets-girl drivel. As a showcase, Dhadak is a promise that will take some more effort to fully fulfil.

    Jul 2018
  • Soorma

    ...Diljit Dosanjh's striking self-possession, like the champion he's portraying, doesn't let it come in the way of a performance that screams g-o-a-l.

    Jul 2018
  • Sanju

    Under Hirani's light touch and unwavering optimism, the darkness of Dutt's life filled with too many misdemeanours to be overlooked as miscalculation, acquires the spirit of a sportsman, grit of a soldier, humour of a rascal and regrets of a son.

    Jun 2018
  • Race 3

    ...doesn’t merely demand you to leave your brains behind but guarantees you won’t find them anywhere even after the ordeal is over.

    Jun 2018