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  • Zubaan

    The whole film emerges, sadly, like one of those ads where you can half-hum the song but you forget what it was for.


    Mar 2016
  • Zindagi 50-50

    ...makes a brave but half-hearted effort to depict the dark cruelty that surrounds ordinary lives of three women. It fails miserably as sleaze -- of language as well as skin -- overtakes the proceedings.


    May 2013
  • Zid

    It appears lost when it should be deftly guiding the audience towards the big revelation in the end, awkward where it should be enticing and a hatchet job in general that flounders at an exasperating rate.


    Nov 2014
  • Zero

    Swapping its marvellous idiosyncrasies for misplaced ideals, two exhilarating hours are followed by forty indulgent minutes. The upshot is a well-aimed mess that never quite lands.


    Dec 2018
  • Zanjeer

    Ram Charan makes his Hindi film debut with this Bachchan remake, and my heart goes out to his fans who will have to sit through this tediously trashy film.


    Sep 2013
  • Yeh Saali Zindagi

    The idea is to project mess and chaos. Indeed surplus characters and subplots often make YSZ an overwhelming experience to endure. But if you are up for the challenge to explore Delhi's shifty facet, it's rewarding too.


    Feb 2011
  • We Are Family

    ...falls into the same genre of films such as Ta Ra Rum Pum or Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic which are purportedly about kids but it's the same melodramatic mush being dished out in a new wrapper.


    Sep 2010
  • Wazir

    Wazir's problem, then, lies not in the fact that it does what is expected from a thriller; the problem is that it does everything expected -- which makes it a film that surprises little and adds up to nothing of consequence.


    Jan 2016