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  • Bodyguard

    Even Salman's charisma can't salvage the torture that Bodyguard is! It's high time he stopped doing remakes of South-Indian films. We have had enough!

    Sep 2011
  • Murder 2

    ...the most watchable and engaging film to emerge from the Bhatt stable in recent times. It is nothing like the first film but merits a watch for its dark themes and interesting performances.

    Jul 2011
  • Shaitan

    ...a near-perfect film and an absolute must-watch. It is cool, bold, whacky, and contemporary without being wannabe. One of the finest films of the year will blow your mind and you might want to watch it again to let it all sink in.

    Jun 2011
  • Haunted

    ...the most regressive and perverse film to see the light of day in recent times. It is absurd, offensive, sadistic, and illogical.

    May 2011