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  • Kapoor & Sons

    Shakun Batra has indeed pulled off an incredible casting coup and let’s not forgets his brilliant direction that dispenses a feel-good movie-watching indulgence.

    Mar 2016
  • Neerja

    There are three things that need to be shown appreciation – Sonam Kapoor’s dedication towards the character, the aircraft screenplay which will leave you holding your breath and Shabana Azmi’s unconditional love as a mother, she is simply fabulous.

    Feb 2016
  • Dilwale

    Shah Rukh and Kajol are the only saving grace who have tried to play their characters with all their heart. But with a weak script and senseless dialogues, even their chemistry cannot save this film.

    Dec 2015
  • Bajirao Mastani

    Watch it for good story telling, Ranveer’s breakthrough performance, passionate chemistry between Bajirao and Mastani and don’t miss Priyanka’s undersized yet powerful role.

    Dec 2015
  • Tamasha

    Another of Imtiaz’s take on love story, this film is not as gripping as his past works. It is a complex story, trying to tell a story very maturely but fails to strike the right chords.

    Nov 2015
  • Titli

    ...powerful, intriguing and makes you empathize with their frugal living conditions, their desperate attempt to break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality.

    Oct 2015
  • Talvar

    Let the floors for a fresh debate begin, let the audience witness a visual account of what may have taken place. But for now, let’s appreciate the meticulous details put together so well by two skilful filmmakers.

    Oct 2015
  • Phantom

    Whether one takes it as a straightforward thriller, or one internalizes the wounds of an unforgettable act of terror, Phantom is a must watch for everyone.

    Aug 2015
  • Brothers

    A wonderful throwback to the Akki-style family action dramas of the 90s, it polishes the rough edges and gives us something made well enough to be called a modern film.

    Aug 2015
  • Second Hand Husband

    ...can't be considered comedy gold by any standard, but it does a pretty good job in presenting some outrageous and unrealistically hilarious situations about how the human mind is almost always capricious.

    Jul 2015