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  • Zero

    The characteristic outstretched arms of SRK get smaller, as does his height, the creative ambition gets bigger but the film stays resolutely middling when it could have been much more.


    Dec 2018
  • Yeh Khula Aasmaan

    The film unwinds at a lazy, sluggish pace which in itself wouldn't have been such a bad thing if it did create genuinely heart-warming moments without relying on melodrama or a sentimental overdose.


    May 2012
  • Wazir

    Despite starting off promisingly with slick production values and good performances to boot Wazir unravels badly, especially in the second half as it heads towards the climax.


    Jan 2016
  • War

    Despite there being nothing new and everything predictable about it, War is slick and smart and keeps the audience engaged and absorbed.


    Oct 2019
  • Vodka Diaries

    In an effort to be cool and quirky the film sinks into the shabby and the amateurish. The twists and turns of the plot are totally random, thrown in for the heck of it.


    Jan 2018
  • Vishwaroop II

    Add that to particularly tacky production design and uninspiring visuals, you realise that it’s easy for someone to mistake the first part as the newer film. By the end of Vishwaroopam 2, we’ve seen so many bombs being planted, only for them to be defused. What’s another 100 more?


    Aug 2018
  • Veere Di Wedding a time when the gender question is in such a serious churn and feminism debate at its sharpest, Veere’s light-hearted and giddy take would seem entirely out of depth.


    Jun 2018
  • Uri

    At times I found myself standing clear of my own political biases to acknowledge his engaging craft. At other moments, I broke away from the film’s emotional sway to question its politics.


    Jan 2019
  • Ujda Chaman

    The film is also unable to get its tone right. It can’t decide whether it wants to be funny, emotional or romantic or a mix of all. As a result it leaves the audience disconnected and confused as well. Should it laugh, cry or simply tear its hair out?


    Nov 2019