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  • Mahabharat

    Mahabharat deserves a liberal reading but apart from Karna’s episode Amaan has remained true to the traditional rendering of the epic and there is hardly any effort to delve into the moral dilemmas of the characters.


    Dec 2013
  • Department

    It's high time the filmmaker struggling with form realised that this nauseatingly gimmicky camerawork he has been afflicted with in his last few films distracts from the story.


    May 2012
  • Alone

    Bipasha Basu, however, has become the Bhai of the horror film genre, minus the box office appeal, of course. You can easily switch scenes between her films and nobody would even know. They all have Bipasha doing exactly the same thing.


    Jan 2015
  • Bhoomi

    Sanjay Dutt hasn’t lost his acting chops yet, rather seems to be maturing well. But why did he have to pick up a film this regressive for a return?


    Sep 2017
  • Tera Intezaar most consistent when it comes to the inherent messiness-it’s tacky in every which way, from the first frame to the last. The tawdriness reflects in every single department of filmmaking.


    Dec 2017
  • Raaz Reboot

    Nothing changes in the fourth of the Raaz franchisee. If at all the chills and thrills seem to run dangerously out of steam and some scenes turn out unintentionally funny.


    Sep 2016
  • Great Grand Masti

    Crudity, vulgarity, titillation, infantility is all one expected but also hoped against hope for it to deliver a few risqué laughs. No such luck. Banal and boring is all you get.


    Jul 2016
  • Humshakals

    Trying to review or analyse this Sajid Khan film is like sending a child-crafted-claymated monkey for a brain scan and hoping to find proof of brain activity.


    Jun 2014
  • Dil Juunglee not a film; it’s a bunch of the most vapid characters conceivable, hanging loose, doing some monkey tricks and playing “Audience audience in the hall, who is the most irritating of us all”.


    Mar 2018