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    Every year in college ends with an inter-collegiate music and dance festival. Avantika and her group of friends Reet ,Nick, Buff, Mark and Arjun are confident of winning this year too on behalf of their College.

    Avantika decides that the theme of the song will be about how her ‘perfect guy’ should be. Avantika is convinced that she will complete the song as soon as she meets her perfect guy who will be her inspiration to write this song. Unfortunately, due to a past failed relationship, Avantika has built a wall around her and does not let people enter her life beyond a certain point.

    Meanwhile, Rohan transfers to the University for Advanced Studies. He falls madly in love with Avantika. He is a confident marketing guy. Unfortunately for him, he knows how to market just about everything but his own self in front of Avantika.

    He appears in front of Avantika and confesses his love for her. Avantika insults him in front of everyone and accuses him of taking advantage of their friendship. Rohan feels heartbroken and thinks that Avantika can never understand his love for her . He decides to leave college since he cannot live without her.

    The final countdown for the rock concert and festival begins. Simultaneously, there are two events taking place. The rock concert that Avantika is singing for and the bike race that Rohan is a part of. The audiences are anxiously geared up to witness these events. Meanwhile, Avantika is backstage and is in no mood to perform especially after learning from Reet that Rohan is leaving college forever.

    She appears on stage and starts to sing. However, she breaks down and realizes what Rohan actually means to her, how he has stood up for her and that he has in fact been her inspiration to put together not only every part of her song but her life too!

    Avantika runs from the stage towards Rohan who has just won the bike race. As he is leaving, Avantika stops him and admits how in her fear of losing him, she preferred to live in a world of fantasy rather than reality and nearly lost Rohan forever. She embraces him and acknowledges that Rohan is actually everything that she was looking for in a guy. Their rhythm of life and love is in sync…. If you open your heart, love will find its way in….


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