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  • Radhe

    If you're a Salman Khan fan, you probably weren't. So we will end here. If you're not a Salman Khan fan and wouldn't mind two hours of mindless fun, you might give Radhe a try.


    May 2021
  • Kabir Singh

    Kabir Singh spends 120 minutes of its 154 in showing Kabir either drinking or drunk or snorting cocaine or needling in morphine or fighting with people or, slapping his girlfriend or screaming at her. Or making out. In the remaining 24 minutes, his repentance is done with, and we all go home with a happy ending. If you think it is okay, if you think it is justified because 'movie hai yaar, it's not real life', you are part of the problem. Misogyny is not cool. Neither is Kabir Singh.


    Jun 2019
  • Bharat

    ...has its own share of problems, beginning with the near-three-hour runtime. But when people wait a year for a Salman Khan Eid release, can you really blame the superstar for giving his fans their larger-than-life hero in an out-and-out entertainer, replete with song and dance?


    Jun 2019
  • PM Narendra Modi

    Maybe the makers of PM Narendra Modi the film should have taken their own recipe of the perfect tea a little seriously: add just a bit of sugar. Because when you have too much sugar, the tea is inedible.


    May 2019
  • Kalank

    The Bollywood that we have grown up with, has sold to us these 'unnamed' relationships packaged in goodlooking sets since Silsila. Nothing has changed in these four decades. We still cannot deal with transgression in societal norms and relationships unless looked at from a safe distance. In 2019, our lives are a lot more complex than the simple 'solutions' Bollywood dishes out to us.


    Apr 2019
  • Gully Boy

    ...suffers from a slow pace. The film takes its own sweet time to establish the story. And when it does, there is too little to bask in the glory of. The film ends on an abrupt note. It catapults its underdog to the big stage but doesn't let the viewer soak it in. After investing 2 hours and 35 minutes in the film, you feel a little cheated.


    Feb 2019
  • Zero

    They have to try and make sense AND they have to keep Shah Rukh Khan fans happy. In this tussle, logic is thrown into the Pacific Ocean.


    Dec 2018
  • Sui Dhaaga his viewers a classic story of struggle and persistence. The film culminates in a predictable climax, but that does not diminish the experience of soaking in Sui Dhaaga.


    Sep 2018
  • Fanney Khan

    Filmmaker Atul Manjrekar doesn't seem to be able to look beyond just his lead actor. Fanney Khan is an Anil Kapoor film. That is its biggest strength and weakness.


    Aug 2018
  • Race 3

    There are full-fledged military wars in Cambodia because nothing less than a war can do justice to Salman's calibre. There is Salman Khan flying over Al Shifah because helicopters are so passe. There is Bhai launching bazookas because why undermine him with lesser weapons like AK-47. There are five extra actors in the film to support Salman because he needs to outshine all of them. Nothing is measured in Race 3. You ask for a shot of Salman, you're given a gallon of him. Deal with it however you want.


    Jun 2018
  • Pad Man

    ...Balki tells viewers the tale of Pad Man and gives viewers a story to take home. And in addition to giving Akshay Kumar one of his best performances till date, Balki gifts his audience an Akshay Kumar to remember.


    Feb 2018
  • Tiger Zinda Hai

    Don't analyse, don't nitpick, don't involve logic; and you are sorted. There are many seeti-worthy moments in Tiger Zinda Hai. The film plays to Salman's gallery to the T.


    Dec 2017
  • Daddy

    Watch this gangster drama for Arjun Rampal's heartfelt performance. He breathes as Arun Gawli in Daddy. But don't go into the theatre expecting to learn anything eye-opening about the Mumbai underworld. You will come back disappointed.


    Sep 2017
  • Babumoshai Bandookbaaz

    ...feels long and stretched. The rustic landscapes of Uttar Pradesh are captured well. The songs hinder the pace of the film, which any which way is pretty slow for all its activity.


    Aug 2017
  • Mom

    ...scrutinises and lays bare the gaping holes in the law in this country. Its method of making the criminals meet their fate is over-dramatised and problematic. And unbelievable. But who can say no to a tale of a mother's revenge?


    Jul 2017
  • Raabta

    ...the biggest obstacle in the path of Raabta is the story. The subject is nothing that has not been done in Indian cinema earlier. The way the story is treated takes a toll on your patience.


    Jun 2017
  • Kaabil

    Watch Kaabil for Hrithik Roshan, who deserves an extra star above the 1.5 to the film. There's not much else in Kaabil.


    Jan 2017
  • Befikre best enjoyed when you go in without any expectations at all. The film is not boring. And that's what makes it a decent one-time watch.


    Dec 2016