Archika Khurana

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  • Bolo Hau

    ...the plot is too predictable from the beginning as it’s the same age-old drama of a wealthy girl falling in love with a poor guy and their families being against their relationship.


    Jan 2021
  • Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi

    ...despite all the good intentions and a talented cast, ‘Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi’ could not be considered an ideal family entertainer. But eventually, it turns out to be an average watch on the first day of the year.


    Jan 2021
  • Family Of Thakurganj

    With a decent concept at hand, had the director focused on keeping the story tight, it could have engaged the viewers. The film’s length is problematic, even the humour and the one-liners don’t help in keeping the film afloat.


    Jul 2019
  • Paharganj turns out to be one of those films that has a lot to say but ends up focusing on just one aspect of the plot line, which in this case, happens to be Laura’s quest to find Robert. And that’s not an enthralling expedition for people to embark on, especially on a weekend.


    Apr 2019